ついに DOG原宿版! 中国のユースカルチャー誌『YOHO』で東京のクールなピーポルとショップを巡ろー!

harajuku dog by yoho

DOG is one of those stores that stands the test of time: trends don’t phase it, and customers don’t abandon it. That’s because it lives in it’s own world of fashion, where normal rules don’t apply and that is appealing to a lot more people than you’d think. Especially in a place like Tokyo where individuality isn’t scrutinized and instead is left alone to thrive and grow.

DOG is one of the most legendary shops in Tokyo, and has been at the top of “must-see” lists since it opened in 2000. It is famous for its large selection of over-the-top fashion that is stuffed into it’s basement location in Harajuku. While much of the clothing is bought second-hand from around the world, a lot of it is “remade” by owner Kai Satake who spends his days creating crazy works of art that he sells in the shop. Kai-san actually works in his studio at Kitakore in Koenji where he runs the “Secret Dog” branch (the only other shop outside of Harajuku). There’s also buyer Taku who makes a lot of the crazier pieces as well.




yoho for dog

Outside of these two selections are a small number of totally underground designers that make extremely imaginative fashion pieces like Algorithm and Marilyn Manboobs. All of these together make the reason why so many fashionable celebrities come to visit the shop (Lady Gaga, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and 2NE1 to name a few) and why it is loved by Tokyo’s fashion leaders.

Just the other day Lady Gaga was in Tokyo and a rumor spread that she would be coming to Harajuku…so 300 people lined the streets right outside DOG expecting it to be the store she would visit! (she never came that day..>_______>;; )

そしてこの2つに加え極めつけには、AlgorithmやMarilyn Manboobsなどといった超アンダーグラウンドなデザイナーが作るイマジナブルな作品達も販売している。この3つのセレクションにより作り出される世界観に魅了されているのは原宿キッズ達だけでは無いようで海外セレブのLady GagaやNicki Minaj、LMFAO、2ne1など挙げ出したら枚挙に暇が無い。

実際に、このことが知れ渡り前回Lady Gagaが来日した時には彼女の訪問を期待したファン300人がお店の前で待ち伏せをしていたことも話題になった。(実際には今回の滞在中には来なかったようだが…)

convoy style 

CONVOY style:

Convoy is a tall guy, and he uses all of that body space to dress up as wildly as possible! But behind the register at DOG, it’s tough to see what he’s wearing all of the time (so ask him to show you. He’s a really friendly guy; everyone should visit!)

Today he was wearing a mix of used items from DOG and some remakes that Kai-san made, with a tip from Algorithm. The colorful fur jacket is a special remake.




Age: 23

Where have your street snaps been published?
Snap 掲載の歴:


If you were to give your personal style a name, what would you call it?
-It’s like, “Yo, this me. CONVOY” 


 convoy outfit

How much clothing do you have in your room?
-About 800 pieces 



How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
-About 30 mins



How did you get started working at DOG?
-I started working here in Oct of 2008 when I was still a fashion student. 



-What is it that you actually do at DOG?
I usually do press/PR and register sales 



Let me in on some stories you’ve experienced while working here.
1. First, everyday is awesome. I see new stuff everyday! Stuff happens all the time! I think this kind of vortex of crazyness can only be found at DOG in all of Japan!

2. Whether they are local or not, tons of celebrities come over here to shop. Like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, 2NE1, Big Bang etc. Designers and stylists also always come here when they are in Japan which makes me really happy.



2.国内外問わず、一流アーティスト(レディガガ、ビヨンセ、LMFAO、リアーナ、ニッキーミナージュ、2NE1、BIG BANG等)や、デザイナー、スタイリストの方々が、来日の際必ずDog来てくれることは、本当に嬉しいかな!


If you were kidnapped by aliens and could only take one item with you from the shop, what would it be?
-A helmet! Cuz I have to like, protect my head, you know. 


 misha DOG harajuku style

Misha style:

I remember my first time coming into DOG. I had heard of the shop but couldn’t ever find it! Then one day I discovered this underground shop and ventured inside… at first it was kind of scary…I was
overwhelmed! There was so much stuff and the staircase was so narrow I thought I’d fall down. I came to the conclusion that fashion is a dangerous business (haha).

This day I was wearing a mix of personal clothing and DOG items. The shoes and hat are used items while the purse, acrylic bracelet and necklace are special select items. I love this enamel jacket! I almost broke a mask trying to tear it off the mannequin.

My favorite item was this old vintage phone purse. If it’s still there when I return next, I`m going to be tempted to buy it! I`d be moshi-moshi-ing up a fashion storm.




 telephone bag


What are the characteristics of DOG? This is what has made DOG the defacto place to shop for fashion freaks in Tokyo:

1. The famous mannequin. This mannequin is set outside the door to the entrance and is the best guide to finding the shop. The outfit on the mannequin is always crazy and you’ll often see tourists taking photos of it without any idea what it’s for.



DOG mannequin

2. A huge selection of goods that always changes. I asked owner Kai-san if there was ever anything he wouldn’t sell and he said no. “Except for some pure crystal skulls I have as decoration.” Everything
else in the shop is for sale and it means the selection is always changing.



3. Strange items. A lot of the fashion here is very strange and be considered a little bit… “grotesque” by normal standards…even scandalous. Crude prints, jackets with fake “intestines” and bones are a little bit of what is popular with DOG customers.


marilyn manboobs

4. No rules. The outfits that CONVOY and the other staff create on the mannequins are art pieces in themselves. There are no rules here and anything goes. These type of outfits tend to be popular with stylists.


crazy mannequins

5. Handmade items. Owner Kai-san goes through “periods” where he chooses one style or remake technique and makes a lot of items in that style only. Now he makes a lot of leather jackets covered in studs and
paint for a futuristic punk vibe (actually, I just saw him the other day and now he’s on to colored vinyl!). Surely inspired by Lady Gaga’s affinity for them.

5。Kaiさんによるハンドメイドアイテム。Kaiさんはその時の気分でカスタムのしかたやリメイクのスタイルを期間で分けている。今の気分はこんな感じ、というように。ちなみにこの時はまっていたのは山ほど打ち付けられたスパイク。フューチャリスティックパンクといったところだろうか、Lady Gagaを彷彿とさせるようなスタイルがマイブームのようだ。つい先日話に伺った時はもうビニール作品に夢中になってた。

jacket remakes

kai and convoy

CONVOY and owner Kai

More photos by Mami!


kei kagamiShoes by the amazing Kei Kagami

products everywhere

shoes space


strange item

misha and convoy

 AMAZING photos by the AMAZING Mami Tanabe

YOHO is the primo fashion and culture magazine for discerning Chinese in their 20s. When I was given the column, my idea was to go to some of Tokyo’s best shops loved by the street fashion aristocracy and talk to the cool girls and boys there about their style. In Japan, it is not unusual for a shop sales person to become a mini celebrity, with some of them being singled out and given their own brand. In the street scene, these people are the heroes, the leaders, and the are having fun and experimenting with style-.


The day that DOG opens a fancy schmancy website is the day Japanese street fashion dies. So deal with this one:



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