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“少年のカオスな夢”の中を覗いてみないか。hair artist Tomihiro Kono holds KONOMAD exhibit


少年の夢… 我々女子には未知の領域。

What happens when we girls delve into the mind of a curious boy? This one’s brimming with books, art, pictures, taxidermy, masks, fashion, and graphics, all mixed up in a cacophony of creepiness. It’s an attempt to show exactly what it’s like to be inside the mind of a boy, in its glorious chaos, all set to the background of gloriously chaotic Kitakore in Koenji, Tokyo.





※主催 Konomad (「少年の夢」はkonomadが主催する第一弾イベントとなります)
代表 河野富広

河野さんは、ヘッドピースアーティストTOMIHIRO KONOとしても大活躍している。( )拠点をニューヨークに移した2013年よりJUNYA WATANABE コムデギャルソンのパリコレのショーのためのヘア&ヘッドプロップディレクションを担当し、コンセプチュアルな作品を生み出し続けている。

In Tokyo we are spoiled with the amount of exhibits always being put on, but this is one that would be put on the “must see again” list. This one was created through the artistic eyes of book curators, stylists, mask makers, painters and more, in a list of who’s who in their respective fields that would make any fan giddy. All of their different world views have been blended and concentrated into a room like a can, with the air of creativity so thick you could cut it like cranberry sauce.

Sometimes, seeing passion come alive through tangible objects and displays is the only way to translate it into something our hearts can understand. I got back to Japan a bit late to properly announce this beautiful exhibit, but it’s something you might want to even come back for before it finishes on Aug 27th.

“Shonen no Yume” (“A Boy’s Dreamworld”) the first exhibit produced by: Konomad

Konomad is also known as Tomihiro Kono ( , conceptual head piece artist extraordinaire. He is based in New York and since 2013 has been in charge of creating teh hair/headpieces for the Junya Watanabe fashion shows in Paris.








Natsumi Yasuoka
Misha Janette

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