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TOMIHIRO KONOイズム。シュール系ヘッドアーティスト。

tomi kono feathers

I really dislike Tumblr. To me, it’s a giant, pulsating mood board devoid of context; the who, what, why and where. What are the stories behind all of those pictures? Without that it’s just a bunch of meaningless scans (more or less) tumbled through eternity.

So…let me talk through my foot when I say that the last thing I want to do is write a bunch of hoo-haw words here when really all I want you to do is look at the damn amazing pictures.

But context? Here is some &%$#! context: Tomihiro Kono is a Dadasim-inspired hair stylist and hat/mask artist. Now, I’m going to shush so you can whet your imagination with these pictures.


最初に矛盾なことを言ってしまって、先に「すみません」とあやまります。だって、この画像は美しすぎて、沢山の文書でごちゃごちゃにさせるより、まずは画像だけに集中してほしいの。でも、はい、わかった・・コンテクストがないとわからないよね。じゃ、これならどう?Tomihiro Konoという方はダダイズムにインスパイヤーされたヘアスタイリスト及びヘッドピース・マスクの制作者。彼のすばらしい作品をご覧下さい:

tomihiro kono indian feathers

tomi kono magazine

hats by tomihiro kono special

 I have introduced Tomi before on this blog, back when we did a spur-of-the-moment photoshoot of me playing with his creations a few months ago. There are amazing photos by Mami Tanabe and some extensive information on him. You can see it here: “The Girl and Her Hats in the Mirror”.



photoshoot with tomihiro konotomihiro kono shot by mami tanabe


There are TONS more of his work to be seen. And I want to crash your cache memory and put them all on the front page. But the rest, including more hats, masks, editorials, and, *ahem*… CONTEXT are below. It takes 2 minutes to see it all. So LOOK!


medieval tomihiro kono

tomihiro kono hats

tomihiro kono hats 2

mask by tomihiro kono

more hats by tomihiro kono

tomi kono head piece large

Tomi’s website is just bursting at the seams with examples of his work. Really, it just doesn’t end. And it’s all quite amazing, visually..I got somewhat exhausted just going through it all and trying to choose my favorites. I know it’s quite rude to equate an artist with a machine, but his output is outta control. And he has only been making hats and masks since 2009?? How is that possible?!? He is a machine, I am sure of it.

tomihiro kono pieces showroom

In his own words:

Born and raised in Japan, Tomi now lives and works in UK.
While working as a hair stylist in fashion, he started making wigs and head props for shoots flaring his originality to turn his creative idea into shapes. Quickly his head props become popular among fashion stylists in London and Paris, and soon he became an established and well-respected hair and head prop artist. In September 2010, he had his first film / photo / performance show of his collection during London fashion week. Tomi’s appeal has seen him collaborate across many different genres including art, fashion, music, and performance, confirming his place as a true creative across any realm. His style is influenced by 1920-30s Dadaism and surrealism art. He is heavily influenced by assemblage expressionism started after World War II this is a 3 dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects. He enjoys once-in-a-lifetime encounter with vintage objects and materials that have functional beauty. By observing the beauty of the objects, he put several different materials together creating a new and distinctive piece.

As a stylist in Japan he was doing some….stuff. Maybe some of it was even interesting. But then he moved to London in 2007 and his creative mind just EXPLODED.  He started working with great photographers, and artists and worked with i-D, had his pieces shot by Meisel, worn by Sigur Ros, featured by Dazed and Confused….

Speaking of magazines, he does hair along with the head props. See some of those:


セッションヘアスタイリストとして活動するかたわらオリジナリティを追求していくうちに、作品のコンセプトに基づいたウィッグやヘッドピースを制作し始める。 やがてロンドンでファッションスタイリストやアーティストの間で話題になり初のヘアアンドヘッドプロップアーティストという特別なポジションを確立する。 2010年の9月にはlondon fashion week の一貫として映像とパフォーマンスを駆使したコレクションを発表する。 近日ではその活動はart, fashion, musician, performance, boutiqueなどとの 幅広いコラボレーションを行っている。 そのスタイルは1920-30年代のダダイズム、シュールレアリズムの影響をうけておりそのなかでもとくに第二次世界大戦後のおこったアートのムーブメント assemblage全く意味のないオブジェを組み合わせ意味のもつ 立体的なコラージュ作品を作り上げるという行程に興味をもつ。 一度きりのオブジェ、素材との出会いを楽しみそのもつ特徴や意味を考えコラージュをしながら作品を制作しており、古いものをまたリサイクルして新しいものとして機能させる独自のスタイルを築く。

日本でもヘアスタイリストもしていたらしいが、2007年ロンドンに渡ったことがきっかけなのか、その時から彼のアーティスト心が爆発的に膨らんだ。ロンドンでは素敵なクリエイターにピックアップされたり、i-Dなどからお仕事をしたり、フォトグラファーのメイゼルによって作品が撮影されたり、Sigur Rosなどに着用されたり、 Daze and Confusedにフィーチャーされたり..。そのスピードは凄いわ。


tomi kono editorial

tomi kono editorial king

tomihiro kono head artist

tomi kono hair

 Then there are his experimental works and exhibitions. He does a lot of it with his unit called “Neon O Clock Works”. These are surreal to the M to the A to the X. There is so much more…especially on discs he gave me. And his 2010-2011 works. I need to split that into many more posts.

そして、もっと「Tomiらしい」というのはこちらです。『neon o clock works」のアートユニットとして、よく実験的な作品作りや展示を行っている。こちらはまさに「ダダイズム」と「シュール感」が伝わっていますね。


neon o clock works

neon o clock works piece
tomihiro kono exhibition
art by tomihiro kono
neon o clock editorial
neon o clock japanese
He is sold at Sub in Harajuku, and CANDY and Sister in Shibuya!
日本の取り扱いは、原宿のSub, そして渋谷のCANDYとSisterで!
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