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Sorry about all of the self-promotion here lately! It’s all coming out at once….to get to the point, the most popular fashion TV show in Japan, “TOKYO KAWAII TV” is getting an international version and ***I`m hosting the inaugural episode***!

This English-language version is called “KAWAII International” and it’s exactly what you would expect; a 60-minute look at Japan’s most notorious subcultures of fashion as viewed from an international perspective.

The first episode covers hair trends in Tokyo (including an appearance by hairstylist friend and Tokyo fashion icon Yuya Nara), and hats as seen in Harajuku, Shibuya, and Akihabara (!) and then a deep look at lolita fashion with a special appearance by lolita queen Misako Aoki. 


英語で収録されたこの番組は、カワイイインターナショナルという名前で60分の放送時間の中で、今東京で旬なファッションの話題を総ざらいしていくというもの。そして記念すべき第一回目の放送は、現在の東京のヘアトレンド(番組内では、友人の奈良 裕也も登場!)及び、原宿や渋谷、秋葉原(!!)における帽子のトレンドについての回。秋葉原代表で出演してくれたのは、ロリータ界の女王、アオキ ミサコさん。

This may come as a surprise to some; after all, high-end fashion (which I love) and street fashion (which I love) and subcultures (which I am fascinated by) have never really mixed well until recently. Thank god for evolution of style! I personally have always been fascinated by subcultures…I was a skater, then a b-girl in Junior-High and High School (can’t believe I admitted that. Yes, corn rows and everything). In Japan, I wanted to learn about the goth loli culture and even attended a few events. But I never had the clothes quite right (haha). 

I have never been able to delve so deeply into the subcultures here because I felt that if I weren’t participating in that subculture itself, I would feel like I was just watching….like a leery, dirty old man or something. Participation really is key to understanding. So hosting this show is such an eye-opener for me and I had so much fun learning.



trump room

There’s even a segment where lolita Misako shows how she puts on makeup and there are some great tricks in there…. all of the best tricks I learned I picked up when I followed Koakuma Ageha model Satomin for a day, for real (it’s a secret)!!

We also have Harajuku pastel punk, mori girl (Grimoire), Shibuya gyaru and Akiba costume players as guests on the show. Sometimes, when it comes to avant garde high-end fashion and it’s counterpart like costume play or goth-lolita etc., the only thing that separates them is a digit or two on the price tag….#truth.

他には、ミサコさんが伝授する、ロリータメイクのHow to講座なんてのもあった。へぇ、あのメイクにはこういうトリックが隠されていたのね、なんて目から鱗のこの講座。実は前にある媒体の記事のために小悪魔アゲハのモデル、サトミンさんの一日密着ロケと同行したときも素晴らしいメイクわざを教わりました。整形メイク、ここにあり!と思わせる、画期的なメイク術はこれ以降の私の日常にすっかり溶け込んでしまっているのはここだけの秘密

他に、この番組に色を添えたゲストは、原宿の森ガールの発祥とも言われるGrimoireのスタッフの方や渋谷のギャル、アキバのコスプレの方など、強烈な個性の持ち主ばかり(笑)こういうコスプレちっくなファッションを見ると、”ああ、あのラグジュアリーブランドはもしかしてこういうカルチャーから影響を受けたのかも。”何て考えてしまう。ただ大きく違うのは、プライスタグのゼロの数 。#本当のこと 。ね。ww

If you’re interested, please watch it starting this Sunday on NHK World or on *the internet* (for freeeee!). See the schedule and links below.

I haven’t seen the final product yet, but I`m hosting with the awesome multitalented model Yohko Melody and since we are friends we had tons of fun doing it so I hope it shows through…and leads to subsequent MC-ing gigs! Heh. Please check it out!!!

PS: I hear that Kyari Pamyu Pamyu’s music video art director Sebastian Masuda made the opening credits. Gonna be trippy cool for sure!




misha and melody yohko

Melody Yohko and Misha

Sun Feb 19 Japan Standard Time: 10:10am, 2:10pm, 6:10pm, 10:10pm

Mon Feb 20 Japan Standard Time: 2:10am, 7:10am


2/20(月)2:10/7:10 (日本時間)

At the above times, you can watch the show at the following links off the TV: 上記と同じ放送日時で、次の方法でテレビ以外でご覧頂けます:

→NHK WOrld official site |NHKワールドのHP 

*If you click on “512k” at the top right you can watch it in a large screen

→iPhone app “NHK World TV live”. Free app |iPhoneアプリ「NHK WORLD TV Live」(無料)

→NHK World USTREAM channel | USTREAMのNHKワールド・チャンネル 

 →NicoNico Doga NHK World Channel | ニコニコ動画のNHKワールド・チャンネル  


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