Compared to Monday, today was so bright and cheery I felt that little cartoon bluebirds were going to fly through my window and help me get dressed. Instead, I went it at it alone and managed to leave fully clothed somehow. In the car, we rolled down the windows to let in fresh air, and I stuck my hands out, letting the wind dry the last of my sticky, unfinished polish.

imageShine a light on… Beautiful People ビューティフルピープルの電球柄



14:00 CURATED by Ek Thongprasert


Ek Thongprasert is famous for his rubber/metallic accessories which have made him worldwide famous. Actually I just happened to run into the designer himself at Isetan the other day, in front of his goods. Put him on your list of good-looking designers ;) and if you're interested in finding his stuff, it's at Re-style 3F of Isetan. Ekはゴムと金で作ったアクセサリーで爆発的に有名になった。しかも先日伊勢丹で本人に売り場前でバッタリ!イケメンデザイナー好きな人は注目

<a href=More from Ek Thongprasert. It's not supposed to be a ring, but it totally works! Now at Re-style 3F Isetan. ekの春夏作品より。本当はリングじゃなくて、チャームらしいけど、本当に自由自在だね!伊勢丹の3F restyle で。#ekthongprasert #tfw #tokyofashionweek #wwdjfw #isetan @isetanparknet