東京ファッションウィークのコーディネートダイアリー2日目:毒々しいワンダーby WONDER ANATOMIE


Today was a day of joy and sadness. It started off on an uplifting beat with a show by Christian dada that was both on-point and challenging (in a good way) at the same time. If this is one road that the new generation of Japanese fashion is taking, then we should get ready to run it!

Then a few hours later it was announced via WWD Japan that their venerable editor in chief Kaz Yamamuro died this weekend from a heart attack. 
Did not see that one coming.
今日は、喜びに酔いしれる瞬間と悲しみに明け暮れる瞬間が入り混じった怒涛の一日でした。まず朝一で見たChristian Dadaのショー。若手の中でも抜群の勢いのあるこのブランドのコレクションは、コンセプト、ディテール共に高い完成度が感じられ見ていてワクワクした。ニュージェネレーションと呼ばれる世代がこの勢いに続いてくれたらどれほど心強いか。そうしてショー終わりでレポートを書いていると、突如舞い込んできた全く予想だにしなかった訃報。WWDジャパン編集長の山室一幸さんがお亡くなりになったのだ。あまりの突然のことに、記事を書く手を放り出し何度も聞き返す始末。死因は心筋梗塞だったとのこと。
ALL PHOTOS Mami Tanabe for TfD
Kaz dancing to “Gagnam Style” in front of PARCO last October
パルコ前で山室さんの笑いながら踊るGangnam Styleの姿
He was one of the most open minded and supportive people in this industry. He went to see young people’s fashion shows and always even treated me as an equal-never once patronizing me, and in fact was always laughing at my stupid jokes and was genuinely interested in what I had to say. Last I saw him was at a private seminar with Elle Girl editor in chief Sumin and iSook this year, and before that the overworked man showed up to my “Gangnam Style” flash mob in Shibuya last season to participate unanounced! I had casually mentioned I was doing it as we sat next to each other at a fashion show,  bitching about the dearth of brands in the world because some people have too much money but no taste…. *ahem* he talked real. And at my flash mob, he was undoubtedly the sharpest dressed, in what appeared to be a tailored brand-spanking-new full-body nike running suit. It was a sight to see.
May he rest in peace, and his enthusiasm for fashion will hopefully carry on to the next…
Aside from that bit of  a wrench, today was a wonderful day. I celebrated life in the fashion lane by wearing an outfit from Bangkok-based brand Wonder Anatomie, one of my favorites. He specializes in kaleidoscope prints, 3D accessories and vinyl exoskeleton parts. I paired it all with my United Nude x iris Van Herpen shoes for a bit of  a sporty touch.
とはいえ悲しみに暮れるばかりではいけません。ということで今日のコーディネート。今日はタイはバンコクの注目デザイナーWonder Anatomieでトータルコーディネートです。カレドスコープのプリント、3Dアクセサリー、ビニール素材のパーツがキャッチーなこのブランドの洋服には、United Nudeとiris Van Herpenのコラボシューズでスポーティーなテイストを加えました。
ALL clothing, hat, leggings, corset and necklace 洋服すべて: WONDER ANATOMIE (from Bangkok!)
Shoes シューズ: Iris van Herpen for United Nude
Watch 腕時計: ODM
Ring リング: Masaya Nishimura
Bracelets バングル: NYC purchase
Wig ウィッグ: PLUMB
ちなみに、今季もstyle.comにレポートを寄稿してます。英語がお上手な方は是非読んでみてください。やはり世界が注目してくれるのはうれしいね。今日は Mastermind, Christian Dada, Dressedundressed, MintdesignsとAlice Auaa。
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