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Sputniko! is a super young modern artist who uses various forms of media (usually YouTube) to show off gadgets she makes in campy cosplay (or is it serious?) satirical videos opining on society. I was hooked upon one view of murderous Sushiborg Yukari (but she’s so cute!) and the ouch-y menstruation machine (but the song is so catchy!). Sput herself is funny as hell and is an all-around fantastically intelligent and cool lady.

And then there is Kyoto-based Masaya Kushino, who himself is an artist, but works on the feet. I’ve talked about his work numerous times here as I am a huge fan of his astoundingly beautiful shoes.

Together, they have created a masterpiece of heel proportions. Er…a heel of masterpiece proportions.

 “Healing Fukushima (Nanohana Heels)”, is a work in process. It’s a pair of shoes that plant rapeseeds(Nanohana) into soil through mechanics in the heel stems. Using pressure, rapeseeds are automatically planted as the user walks.

Sputniko!は、若手なモダン スーパー美術家。あらゆるメディアを駆使し(主にYouTubeが多い)、自身の制作するガジェットとプレイフルなコスプレで社会に対するメッセージを投げかけている。特に私が感銘を受けたのは、寿司ボーグ ユカリと、生理マシーンくだりなのだがここで使用されている曲がまたキャッチーで、登場する彼女自身の服装からもとても可愛いのだ。そして実際の彼女自身も、とても頭の回転の早い、クールな人だというのが印象的で応援したい人の一人。

それとは別に、天才靴職人のKushino Masayaさんという方がいる。彼もまた、アーティストとして活動しているのだが彼についてはこのブログでも何度も書いていることから分かるように私自身、彼の作る途方も無く美しい靴の大ファンなのです。




 From Sputniko’s website:

Experiments by Belarusian scientists have shown that rapeseed blossoms absorb radioactive substances such as Caesium-137 and Strontium-90 from soil. These radionuclides are stored in the blossoms’ stalks and seed coats, but not in the seeds themselves- which is fortunate because the seeds can be turned into Canola oil, the most popular source for biodiesel. This discovery led, in the 2000s, to the planting of rapeseeds by the Ukraine and Belarus governments in over 50,000 hectares of Chernobyl-affected land, in a move to revive the area’s agriculture industry which had been wiped out by the 1986 nuclear accident.




shoes that plant seeds



The piece is currently in its work-in-progress phase, and is exhibited from March 11th to April 16th, 2012 at Omotesando Gyre‘s Hyper Archipelago exhibition, along with works from exhibitors such as architects Arata Isozaki and Ryuji Fujimura. The final music and video for the project are planned to be released in Summer 2012.

その制作過程のリサーチやプロセスを2012年3月11日~4月16日まで表参道GYREで開催されている「超群島 – Hyper Archipelago」展で公開しているそうです。 最終的な作品映像と楽曲は2012年夏にWeb公開予定だって。気になる方は是非、表参道での展覧会を覗いてみて下さい。

 mechanical heels

Photography: Takuya Shima
Shoe Design: Masaya Kushino
Shoe Making: Perlero
Model Making: KIMURA
Product Design: Naoki Kawamoto
Metalwork: Yuki Sumiya

Nanohana Network

 Sputniko! Website


I can’t wait to see the final product this summer. And just to be servicey, here’s the abovementioned Sputniko! videos. If you already like what’s on this site, you’ll probably love these. Especially since Sput loves fashion (you probably have seen her in magazines like Numero Tokyo and Ginza) and incorporates it heavily into her work with fashion as a main pillar:

多分このブログをご覧頂いている方達なら気に入ってくれること間違い無し!特に彼女はファッションが大好きで、GinzaやNumero Tokyoをはじめ、沢山のファッション誌に出るがてら、ファッションデザイナーとコラボした作品が多い!!

sushi borg yukari sputniko

Photography: Rai Royal
Fashion Design: Aephie Huimi
Set Design: Sam Frances
Make Up: Hiroe Tomikawa
© Sputniko! 
Courtesy the artist and Scai the Bathhouse, Tokyo.  


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