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TAO, Maki Nomiya, Hana Matsushima Star in Keita Maruyama Retro Fashion Film AW 2013

TAO、野宮真貴、松島花、市川美和子が出演するKeita Maruyama 秋冬13年のファッションフィルムはレトロクール


Keita Maruyama is quite a big-wig designer here in Japan, and last year I even named him fashion’s MVP for all the work he did in the Japan Times newspaper. I`m talking all the costumes he made for Mika Ninagawa’s “Helter Skelter” film, the apron dresses he designed for Tokyo’s number one maid cafe “@home cafe” and then he also redesigned the uniforms for JAL personnel. Whew!

I got the lookbook for his newest collection, 2013-14 AW in the mail today and thought it was super clever. In it, 4 major, major Japanese fashion icons appear representing different characters all in a retro time period. 




Maki Nomiya


Maki Nomiya


Hana Matsushima



Hana Matsushima


ミワコのユニークな顔が好き I love Miwako’s unique face– Miwako Ichikawa



Miwako Ichikawa


TAO, who is a very cool girl in real life. VOUCHED! モデルTAO本人もすごく素敵な人、って言える

There’s the crooning Maki Nomiya of Pizzicato Five with her sugar-soul songs, TAO as the cool New York Girl, Miwako Ichikawa as the exotic Hong Kong Girl and finally Hana Matsushima representing Tokyo. The film to go along with it is cute and my favorite part is when they start dancing like the Charleston on stage. 


Song: Bokura ha Tabi ni Deru Riyuu ぼくらが旅に出る理由 by Kenji Ozawa

Keita pops up in Paris, but if you read Japanese his Twitter feed is quite amusing. Judging by his number of followers he could be the most popular Japanese designer on Twitter–

丸山氏はもちろんパリのショーにも出てるくらいスゴイ人なんだけど、彼のツイッターでの発言って… もうとにかく面白いの!彼のツイッター(@keitamaruyama )でのフォロワー数を見てみると、彼は日本一人気のファッションデザイナーと言ってもいいのかもしれない。

Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 10.14.23 PM

 Asst Editor Yoshi Peter

2 replies on “TAO, Maki Nomiya, Hana Matsushima Star in Keita Maruyama Retro Fashion Film AW 2013”

as a designer, i gotta say that set is like a dream. if only i could do something like that for one of my campaigns. it’s really gorgeous, i really feel the collection, i feel like i can see his story. loved it.

it looks like they used a children’s play DIY style to keep costs low though— I don’t think this was super high budget! They made it look very suave though didn’t they

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