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Takahiro Miyashita the Soloist goes LIVE 2014-15 AW タカヒロミヤシタ the ソロイストがLIVE演奏 秋冬21014-15



Takahiro Miyashita is Japan’s answer to Hedi Slimane. When he was designing (n)umber (n)ine, he was hailed as a genius, but also a  recluse, and just as obsessed with music and photography along with his fashion dayjob. His subsequent brand, “Soloist” is an extension of that eclecticism. The idea is that “Every person performs in their own world.”

In that vein, the theme for his 2014 AW collection is LIVE. Miyashita said he wanted to create clothes “with a `live` atmosphere”. What exactly did he mean by that?


彼の現在手がけているブランド “ソロイスト”には、各個人が独自の世界を奏でる”独奏者”になれるようにと、デザイナーの意志が詰まっている。

そんな精神に基づいた、タカヒロミヤシタ ザ ソロイストの2014awのテーマは”LIVE”。LIVE感のある服をつくりたかった。と語るデザイナーミヤシタさんが送り出す”LIVE感”とはどんなもの?


To Miyashita, `live` means changing up the way each item is worn for that moment. For this, he made sure his pieces could be worn in different ways, ie to blouse the velvet or not to blouse the velvet? Or wear it tight one-the-town pants, or instead chill-at-home loose pants?

There are some signature go-to pieces here as well that Miyashita often comes back to. Long gowns, leather jackets, velour and mouton, all mixed together for an edgy collection of rock-n-roll but feminine-lined menswear.

Also, we can’t miss talking about the incredible collaborators this time.   They include shoe brands Authentic Shoe & Co., Foot the Coacher, Yoshiko Creation Paris, and Bluebird Boulevard, who put out some cool accessories to round out the collection.




さらに、豪華なコラボレーションメンバーにも注目したい。オーセンティック シュー&コー(AUTHENTIC SHOE & Co.)、フットザコーチャー(FOOT THE COACHER)、ヨシコ クリエーション パリ(YOHiKO CREATiON PARiS)、ブルーバード ブルーバード(BLUEBIRD BOULEVARD)など、アクセサリーを中心に7ブランドが製作に携わった。

soloist_14aw_01 soloist_14aw_02 soloist_14aw_03 soloist_14aw_04 soloist_14aw_05 soloist_14aw_06 soloist_14aw_07 soloist_14aw_09 soloist_14aw_10 soloist_14aw_11 soloist_14aw_12 soloist_14aw_13 soloist_14aw_14 soloist_14aw_15 soloist_14aw_16 soloist_14aw_18 soloist_14aw_19 soloist_14aw_20 soloist_14aw_22 soloist_14aw_23


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-Words Misha Janette
-Edits Natsumi Yasuoka

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