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伝統技法「刺し子」を新人ブランドZaziquoが見せる新たな世界。Turning traditional SASHIKO embroidery into modern fashion, Zaziquo


ザジコ??カタカナのインパクトもさることながら、プツプツとした立体感あるステッチが可愛いな〜 こんな刺繍あるんだ〜 へえ〜 なんて思ってたら日本の伝統技法「刺し子」っていうものなの!!

2011年にデザイナー清水えり子氏によって立ち上げられたザジコ- zaziquo、(設立当時はzaziって名前。)



While flipping through the June issue of SOEN magazine, I came across a unique new brand.

Zaziquo?? In Japanese it was written as zajiko, which doesn’t mean anything per se, but it has quite the impact coming off the tongue. The brand was started in 2011 by designer Eriko Shimizu, and it evolved from being called “Zazi” to the now “Zaziquo”.

The name actually does have meaning, and it makes sense when you learn that Eriko’s raison d’etre is a traditional embroidery technique called “sashiko”. The technique came from the Tohoku Region in the North over 500 years ago, and Eriko is bringing it into the modern times with some punch and panache.

In Japan, “sashiko” is something that will invoke images of old ladies wearing their knitting hobbies, but Zaziquo’s work is clearly stylish and young, with many ideas for how the needlework can give something plain a punchy personality…