Tokyo Brands SS 2017 | 2017春夏の東京ブランド

フラワーサークルは魔除け?writtenafterwards 2017ss… A super pretty collection based humanity’s most terrifying Plague?

writtenafterwards 2017ss collection

Ring-a-Round-o’ Rosies,  バラの花輪だ、手をつなごう
A pocket full of posies,  ポケットは花束でいっぱいにして
Ashes! Ashes!  ハックション!ハックション!
We all fall down.  みいんなでころぼ。

Ring a Round o Rosies (RRR)も例外ではなくて、実は死を象徴するような意味が隠されていると言われているのだ。イギリスを始めヨーロッパでは、ヨーロッパ全人口の約3割を死亡させたという「ペスト(black death)」が大流行したという歴史がある。この曲はそれについて歌っていて、バラはペストの赤い斑点症状、花束はペスト予防のハーブ、そしてくしゃみはペストの初期症状を意味しているとのこと。


Ring-a-Round-o’ Rosies, 
A pocket full of posies,  
Ashes! Ashes!  
We all fall down.  

It’s a children’s song and rhyme that anyone from Western cultures knows. Children hold hand and sing while moving in a circle. In Japan, they have “kagome, kagome” and “hana ichimonme”. Variations of “Ring around the rosie” is said to have been inspired by the Black Death and The Great Plague in London (the rash that signifies the Plague was a pink ring on the skin, and people filled their pockets with flowers as they thought it would help to ward the sickness off). The Plague took 30% of Europe’s population, in a swift sweep of death.

Writtenafterwards’ 2017 SS collection was filled with appliques of pretty flowers on white, transparent organdy. On the floor of the gallery space was a ring of plastic flowers in yellow, red and blue. And the “main” piece of the collection was a round dress with no armholes, with flower appliques around the edges. Tucked inside some pockets were tiny satchels. Was there any doubt? It HAD to be about the song and the Black Death. This is avantgarde brand Writtenafterwards we’re talking about. Right? RIGHT??!

writtenafterwards 2017ss collection

Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション

「世界を革命する力を!」…なんて、ファッションにあるのか?リトゥンアフターワーズ2015年秋冬 World peace through fashion! Yes or no? Writtenafterwards AW 2015




暖かみのあるショーは、世界平和をテーマに繰り広げられた。ファッションとは少し結び付きにくいテーマ。子供たちがコーラスをし、3つの大きな歩く地球が登場し、(あ、ひとつは転がってたか) 地球の上にはエイリアンや空飛ぶ女の子。あ、そうそう他にも服だってあった。

Writtenafterwards and Written By… are both designed by Yoshikazu Yamagata, one of the few designers who could be called a real ingenue in Tokyo. Or we could call a spade and spade and just say “genius”. Yes, let’s.

This collection, was not meant to shock, but it did; perhaps if naked bodies and ethnic appropriation are a 10 on the scale of weird runway stuff, then this was a -10. It was the anti-shock.

A sweet collection that was quite literally inspired by the desire for world peace, which is certainly left-field in fashion (and Yamamgata isn’t even vying for the Miss Universe crown). The show had everything from a singing children’s choir, three giant walking earth balls (ok, one rolled), an alien and a supergirl flying above earth’s hemisphere. Oh, and there were clothes too…



Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション

“written by…” the new crazy is calm. Tokyo 2014-15 「リトゥンバイ…」狂気と冷静の隙間。秋冬2014-15


Designer and artist Yoshikazu Yamagata has come up from the wayside to be one of the most celebrated representatives of Japanese fashion culture as art.

He is a creator and a teacher at his own fashion school, but it seems it has been a while since we had seen any fashion from him. In comes his new line “written by…” a contemporary answer to his experimental and goosebump-inducing ideas put forth in his writtenafterwards  brand.


多才なアーティストでありながら、ファッション教育にも力を注ぐ彼はどのように己の道を進んできたのか?また、新しくスタートさせたwritten byとはどんなブランドなのか?writtenafterwardsとの差別化は?