Japanese Brands SS 2016春夏の東京コレクション

Tsukasa Mikami 2016 SS. The anemone is mightier than the sword. グラフィック界からの風雲児のツカサミカミをご紹介

tsukasamikami 2016ss collection


先シーズン(2015aw)、ミーシャのお気に入りブランドリストに、あるブランドが加わった。グラフィカルでクリーンで今っぽくて、ミーシャの好みも兼ね備えたTSUKASA MIAKAMIの素敵なデザインに惹かれて、さっそく白黒のセットアップをオーダー。





Even though the fashion tides seem to change every hour, it still comes as a thrill when something totally new and exciting comes along. There’s a new favorite in my town, and his name is Tsukasa Mikami.

Last season, I was introduced to him by glancing at his website, and the beautiful yet simple geometric gradations were unlike anything else from that season. I bought one without hesitation.

For his newest collection, he joined the official Tokyo Fashion Week calendar and presented his second full collection which was a slight departure from the first, but still highly praise-worthy.

The graphics are the first thing you’ll notice. And that’s because Mikami is a graphic designer by day. Now, there are oodles of fashion designers who are also well adept at graphic design, so that’s nothing new. But why is it that Mikami’s designs stand out so much from the rest? Is it because of the minimalist silhouettes? Or is there something more here that he’s jsut doing right?


tsukasamikami 2016ss collection