Japanese Brands SS 2016春夏の東京コレクション

デザイナーTamaki Fujie が描くちょいワル女子。Tamaki Fujie 2016 SS: Greatness deserves attention.

tamaki fujie 2016 ss collection

Tamaki Fujie 2016 SS。





そう語ってくれたのは、Tamaki Fujieのデザイナー藤江さん。

Thanks to the fashion grind, it would be timely for Tamaki Fujie to hang up her towel and go full-forth in commercial ready-to-wear. Yes, it would be right about this point in her career when, just on the precipice of gaining a doting audience but in need of more retailers, she’d pull back on creativity and making her clothes more “relatable” and “easy to understand” and NOT “too designed” (that last one is a real reason actually said out loud by buyers to talented high-fashion designers in Japan).

Fujie is not a homie who plays that.

In fact, her mix of textures, tones, and colors with a rather toy-like charm are some of the freshest clothes I have seen ALL YEAR in Tokyo. The collection is, well, small so I shouldn’t say that she reminds me of a Simone Rocha or Christopher Kane…. except I totally will. Greatness should be noticed. So notice *this*, sempai.

tamakifujie 2016ss collection