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服飾学生が減少し続けるなか、他の専門分野は学生数を伸ばしている。その原因は?Why are fashion students in Japan dwindling, while those in other creative disciplines soar?

ファッションを仕事にする者としてどうしても見逃せない数字がある。日本で服飾を学ぶ学生の数が、1985年をピークにどんどん減少しているらしい。ピーク時約5万人の学生を抱えていた服飾業界だが、2015年、その数は30%である約1万5000人。さらにこのまま減少していくと20年後 には5000人(全盛期の10分の1)になってしまうことになる。
As a fashion professional, there is some disturbing data out there that cannot be ignored. In Japan, the peak year for the highest number of fashion students in here was in 1985. After that, the numbers just get worse and worse. While in 1985 there were at least 500,000 students studying fashion, in 2015 there were only 30% of those numbers at about 150,000. If numbers keep going in that direction, then in 20 years there will only be 5000 students studying fashion in Japan (1/10 of the peak period).
Why? Is it because it’s becoming harder and harder to be successful as a designer, or in any other position in the fashion industry? That simply isn’t true. So then what is it? In fact, other creative fields like beauty, hair, nails, film, graphics, and photography are all also “difficult” fields and yet their number of students are growing. So then… why exactly are students here abandoning the fashion industry?
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