Japanese Fashion culture | 日本のファッション文化

「面白い」と思ったパーソナルエッセイ8つを紹介 8 interesting personal essays on Neo Japan Culture




Being immersed in a different culture with a creative-leaning personality leads one wanting desperately to find an expressive outlet. I found mine in fashion and writing, which I do on this blog. But my life doesn’t revolve around fashion 24/7 and there are other aspects of this life in Japan that are fun to prod and ponder. And so I`ve been penning a bilingual column for Japanese online media Z-Tokyo (“zed-tokyo”) for 8 months now. It focuses on the grittier side of our fair city, not the cool side *cough* but the Neo side. I thought I would share these essays here, in case you missed them and/or want some bathroom reading material…

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Best Tokyo Shopping | 東京の買物 Tokyo Brands AW 2015秋冬の東京ブランド

Tokyo Above-Underground Fashion Show: From the backstreets of Harajuku, to NYC. 原宿の「裏」から、NYCの「表」へ。東京のストリート系ファッションは通じるか?前半


わたしは東京ストリートファッションを誇らしく思っている。それは、この10年、自分のキャリアに欠かせないもので、沢山のことを教えてくれた。言わば、人生の一部。そして、ブルックリンの一角でひっそりと行われたショー。そこでは東京ストリートを引っ張る 10 のブランドが注目を浴びていた。わたしの前には素晴らしい光景が広がっていた。下に続くレポートで、東京ストリートカルチャーの多様性が少しでも伝わって欲しい!
Recently, a rather interesting milestone occurred. It may not be a game changer in the grand scheme of the fashion world, but it is something I am extremely proud of and it sure taught me more about my life’s work (which is Tokyo-based street-style) than anything in the past 10 years of my career. It was a teensy humble show in a corner of Brooklyn, which saw 10 totally different Tokyo underground street styles together on one runway. It was fantastic, and I hope you’ll go through it with me and see how varied the street culture of Tokyo really is.