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不気味なベルリンのストリートスタイル When Berlin meets Japan on the streets

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Location: Bierpinsel Tower at Steglitz, Berlin
Time: 12:45pm
Theme: “不気味”なベルリンのストリートスタイルに出会う ~Berlin meets Tokyo on the streets~




On the surface, Tokyo and Berlin couldn’t be two worlds further apart; Berlin is gritty and tough while Tokyo is all buzzy neon and sterile as a hospital room. But it was my challenge to somehow find a connection between them, and although these two might not eat lunch at the same table, they are probably sitting back-to-back eating the same food because the parallels were so striking.

In fact, I might say that the fashion scene in Berlin is the most like Tokyo than anywhere else in the world. How so?

Photos: Senio Zapruder