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西洋人が日本で地下アイドルから抜け出せるか? “I wanna be an idol in Japan”

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NHK Worldでも1,2を争う人気番組で、ミーシャはメロディー洋子とMCをやらせてもらってる!番組をお送りする中で、沢山のジャパニーズカルチャーに触れられて、毎回多くの刺激をもらう。と同時にそれを世界に向けて発信できるというのはすごく楽しい!


If you’ve got about 10 minutes to spare, drop everything you’re doing and watch Kawaii International online. Yes, I am serious. If you’re not entirely familiar with the show:  It’s one of the most popular shows on NHK World, and as one of the hosts (with Melody Yoko) I love learning and sharing about this really unique part of Japanese culture with the world.

Most recently, they introduced a segment called “Real Kawaii Life in Tokyo” and the first one was about 19 year old girl “Aminyan” from the US who was inspired by a an article about AKB48 to pursue a dream of being a top idol in Japan. The segment follows her daily life, from auditions to somewhat surprising locales in Akihabara.