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YSLオートクチュールアーカイブの秘密がついに解禁。先取り潜入レポート!Inside the secret vault of the YSL Haute Couture archives at the Fondation Pierre Berge-Yves Saint Laurent Musuem

fondation pierre berge yves saint laurent museum paris

イヴサンローランは、ファッションに革命を起こし、歴史を作り上げてきた。服だけにとどまらず、アート作品に至るまで、現在我々が目にしているものの多くに彼の影響を受けたものがある。2017年には、イヴサンローランのライフワークをフューチャーしたミュージアムがパリとモロッコにオープンする。(モロッコは、サンローランと彼のパートナーであるピエールベルジェの別荘があった) それぞれの場所に、異なるオートクチュールコレクションのセットがローテンションで展示される。パリのミュージアムは、1974年からオートクチュールサロンとサンローランのスタジオがあった場所を、ピエールベルジェ-イブサンローラン ファンデーションと改したところに設置される。



Yves Saint Laurent is a name synonymous with the height of decadent fashion, the kind that goes from clothing to a flourishing work of art in front of your eyes. In 2017, two museums dedicated to Yves Saint Laurent’s life work will open in Paris and Morocco (where he and his surviving partner Pierre Berge owned a vacation house), each displaying a different set of ravishing haute couture on rotation.

The Paris museum will be located at the Fondation Pierre Berge-Yves Saint Laurent, where the original haute couture salon and Yves’ own studio had been located since 1974. While the museum is currently under construction, I was invited inside anyway, to get a private sneak peek at just a few pieces of the more than 5,000 haute couture works archived inside the salon. Take the tour with me, and be ready to see not only how dazzling the couture pieces themselves are, but get to understand the depth and dedication, the record-keeping, and scope of what it took (and still does) to become one of the most revered names in fashion in history.


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ユイマナカザト、オートクチュールで真骨頂を見せる。”Iceland, that otherworldy planet.” Yuima Nakazato debuts at Paris Haute Couture

yuimanakazato haute couture 2016



“It’s been 12 years since a Japanese designer was seen on the haute couture runway”

And with that, Yuima Nakazato took his ouvre of costume design for the likes of Lady Gaga all the way to the top stage, as a guest member of this year’s Haute Couture collections in Paris. As we all know, to show a haute couture collection during this fashion week, one must be specifically invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture so being asked to a guest spot is a huge honor.

12 years ago it was Hanae Mori with her ball gowns and intricate decor for ladies looking to be glitzy. But Yuima brought his own shade of glitz, in the form of his signature holographic fabric, which turnt out that runway like a future fantastic Bjork in hyperspeed.

yuimanakazato haute couture 2016