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Free Wifi in Japan? It might not be a dream… 東京等が無料wifi化されるのが夢じゃないかも?!


Haven’t we all dreamed of living in a world blanketed in wi-fi? The internet is the 4th leg of the three life essentials: housing, food, clothing…and mobile internet connection. First world problems, I know. But while having the world fully wired may be a pipe dream, I would settle for a near future of just having Japan covered. Or even Tokyo.

Well I have tasted the future, and it is delicious. The large city of Fukuoka, (south of Osaka, on Kyushu) is currently the most widely covered wi-fi city in all of Japan, and I was there to try it out. And I wasn’t just there to surf the internet all day; on top of being wired, Fukuoka is also crowned a “Special Kawaii District” and has it’s own ambassador. I was infinitely curious to find out what a “Kawaii District” is, exactly.

So with the Tokyo Olympics coming up, we’ve been promised that our fair metropolis will be wi-fi ready by 2020. ..and yet there are already hidden free wifi spots here I learned of which are ready for you and I to freeload off of right now. How/where do you get them? See: