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未体験ゾーンに吸い込まれ知らない自分に出逢った。Immersed in Issey Miyake and Francis Giacobetti

Pleats Please issey miyake and Francis Giacobetti prism installation in Tokyo




Sometimes, I surprise even myself.
Living between “writer’s block” and “floodgates” does a heavy one on the head, but when the ideas get flowing it’s sure a trip and a half.

It’s less about thinking about what should be coming up next and instead getting a fleeting hunch about it. And when you finally come to realize what’s going on, then you are already far into the journey.

Like stepping into the projections in the PRISM project, a new experiment from the mad laboratory of Issey Miyake and Francis Giacobetti. Accosting your sight and sound, giant images swirl in random (un)precision, stretching the subjects’ bodies in impossible poses. Take a step inside…