Japanese Brands SS 2016春夏の東京コレクション

Elephant Tribal Fabrics 2016 SS ストリート界のニューカマー、エレファブ

elephant tribal fabrics 2016ss collection



2016ssコレクション、クリスチャンダダはデートをソースにした。ヨシオクボはアンティークマーケットでの経験をもとにした。ジェニーファックスは呪い。そして、若手ストリートブランド「エレファント トライバル ファブリックス」はデザイナーの人生のバイブル的映画、「GO」を題材に選んだ。


Taking on “identity” as an inspiration for a fashion collection is never new, but it’s also never the same as another. Tokyo high-end streetwear new comer “Elephant Tribal Fabrics” designer Ryota Kimizuka took his own rather unique Japanese-born Korean identity and parlayed it into a powerful 2016 SS collection. More specifically, he grabbed it from what he considers to be his life’s “Bible”, the extremely popular 2001 Japanese film “GO” starring Yosuke Kubozuka and Ko Shibasaki. It tells the story of a Japan-born North Korean in High School, and the tribulations of violence and love that surround his life. And as Kimizuka thought about his own life as a designer, he found it also told the story of survival among an endless number of brands scrambling for their own identities and success.

elephant tribal fabrics 2016ss collection

elephant tribal fabrics 2016ss collection