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Kansai Yamamoto 新ブランド始動、エンターテインメントとリアルクローズの二刀流に挑戦。Kansai Yamamoto brings his charisma, entertainment to all

kansai yamamoto 2016




今回のリバイバルライン「kansai yamamoto」は、デイビットボウイに対する寛斎さんなりの想いも込められているのではないだろうか。

“I want to wear this on my tour”

And with these words, the longstanding relationship between designer Kansai Yamamoto and David Bowie (nee, Ziggy Stardust) began. And how these two created something new by smashing together Japanese culture with Bowie’s charismatic style is now stuff of legend.

And on June of this year, Kansai Yamamoto is embarking on another journey, trying to keep the legend alive with a brand that is far more accessible than any of his artistic pieces have ever been.

This “revived” line is called “kansai yamamoto” (stylized in small letters) and very likely came about from Kansai’s desire to re-approach the relationship he had with Bowie, in a romance that was born from art.

david bowie in kansai yamamoto costume