Japanese Brands SS 2016春夏の東京コレクション Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション

差別化を歓迎するのはこの場合だけ?スカートしか作らないクリーナ2016 SS Meet Cleana, the most discriminatory brand ever.

cleana 2016ss collection







The number of brands vying for our attention and dollars has frankly gotten out of hand. Some brands even resort to calling themselves “plain”, tryingt to grasp onto the safest middle-market possible while grabbing attention from the lowest denominator.


But for a fashion brand, having that one “centerpiece” is vital to surviving. It could be a concept, an avantgarde design ethos, or even a designer who himself can get the attention to his brand. No matter what it is, it BETTER be interesting.


So it doesn’t pain me at all to say, “Here’s another Japanese brand, take notice!”. Because it’s only care in the world is… skirts. Skirts, skirts, and more and more skirts.


Meet Cleana, and then meet it’s skirts.

cleana 2016ss collection