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BFGU MA graduate show 2015. The best and the brightest pt 2 文化ファッション大学院大学の卒業ショー2015年 Part 2


We are looking at the 10 collections chosen to present at the 2015 graduate show of Japan’s most prestigious institute, Bunka Fashion Graduate University BFGU (the first institute to offer an MA course in fashion design in Japan AND Asia). This year the collections were even more diverse than ever before, not only in the ethnicity of the designers, but in their personal taste as well. I don’t know why I am gushing over these collections since I don’t usually gush, but I am thinking these are gorgeously done. Perhaps because I was just lamenting how “fashion” has been absent from Tokyo Fashion Week lately, but here I see lots of both wearable AND fashionable clothes. I would like to get in touch with every one of these designers and shake their hands. And then ask them to exchange coats or dresses with me…

(NOTE: and I know some of you on Twitter said it, I know that these aren’t revolutionary, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good [the techniques ARE very good, you just can’t see them in my blurry photos natch.] Collections change every few months and our memory spans hardly further back than that. So if the fashion market has been plain jane for two years then these young ones are going to design collections like this and they will look very avantgarde comparatively. I am not being cynical when I say I’m ok with this now- It’s fashion, it’s fun-I`ll take it!)

This is the second half, for the first half designers, please see part 1

2014年度文化ファッション大学院大学 (BFGU) の卒業制作ショーでは10のコレクションがスポットライトを浴びた(ちなみにBFGUは日本だけでなくアジアで初めてMAコースをたてたから注目は高い)。今年のコレクションは今までと比べても大変よくできたと思う。デザイナーとして素晴らしいだけでなく、彼ら個人個人の持ち味がすごくおもしろく表現できていた。例年と比べ、どうして自分がこんなに惹かれるのか不思議だけど、きっとそれは各コレクションの完成度がすごく高いからだと思う。そして、おそらくここ最近の東京ファッションウィークから”ファッション”の存在が薄くなってしまっていたことに寂しさを感じていたところだったから(あえて新人にひかれるってこと!)。その上、着やすくてファッショナブルな作品を見る事が出来たし、デザイナーは全員、魅力的なクリエーションをする。ひとりひとりにご挨拶して握手させていただきたい気分。あのコートとかそのドレスとかほしい〜!



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BFGU MA graduate show 2015. The best and the brightest. 文化ファッション大学院大学の卒業ショー2015年


I just love that in Tokyo we have Bunka Fashion College’s graduate MA fashion course now, called Bunka Fashion Graduate University, because it not only hones the skills of local hopefuls , but also because it brings in tons of international kids who are helping to broaden the industry’s horizon. Some of the advantages to commiting to studying here in Tokyo might be that the pool of graduates is much smaller and your work will stand out; you get to learn impeccable Japanese sewing and cutting; you get to use subsidized Japanese textiles (which are AMAZING); and you get to live in of the most inspiring places in the world. The downsides being that you must learn Japanese before you can get started, and also that it’s unfortunately so far removed from the greats like Parsons and Central St. Martins, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.