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When fashion is inclusive…and insane: Berlin Alternative Fashion Week SS 2017. ”カオスがファッションになり得る”。ベルリンの誇る”オルタナティブ”ファッションウィークに行ってきました。

ZWYRD backstage

ハイファッションのランウェイと、ストリートと、その両方からトレンドは生まれる。中でも、最近はストリートの力が他に引けを取らないほどになり、どんどんパワフルでクレイジーなカルチャーが成長している。だから、そんな世界の流れの中でユニークなストリートウェアブランドにフューチャーしたファッションウィークが発足したのは自然なことなのかもしれない。「”Alternative” Fashion Week」。そう呼ばれるもうひとつのファッションウィークはストリートファッションの聖地、ベルリンで開催されている。

Berlin Alternative Fashion Week (BAFW) は私の経験上、世界一エキゾチックで、奇想天外で、ワイルドで、カラフルで、開放的で、クレイジーで、クリエイティブなファッションイベントのひとつ。そしてスクロールした先に並ぶ写真をみたら、みなさんの私と同じことを感じるのではないかと思う。

We all know that fashion trends come from both the high-fashion runways as well as the streets. But the street aspect is gaining more ground against the establishment, and it is becoming more daring, cultured and respected. So doesn’t it make sense to have a fashion week that features some of the most unique street-wear brands from around the world? It’s called an “Alternative” fashion week, and it was born in the best city to represent street fashion: Berlin.

Berlin Alternative Fashion Week (BAFW) is one of the most exotic, surprising, wild, weird, colorful, inclusive and creative fashion events I have ever seen in my life. And after you see the photos from the event, you might feel the same way too.

Backstage photos by Sebastian-Pollin

Tzuji finale
Style Book | スタイルブック

不気味なベルリンのストリートスタイル When Berlin meets Japan on the streets

_MG_8728. copy


Location: Bierpinsel Tower at Steglitz, Berlin
Time: 12:45pm
Theme: “不気味”なベルリンのストリートスタイルに出会う ~Berlin meets Tokyo on the streets~




On the surface, Tokyo and Berlin couldn’t be two worlds further apart; Berlin is gritty and tough while Tokyo is all buzzy neon and sterile as a hospital room. But it was my challenge to somehow find a connection between them, and although these two might not eat lunch at the same table, they are probably sitting back-to-back eating the same food because the parallels were so striking.

In fact, I might say that the fashion scene in Berlin is the most like Tokyo than anywhere else in the world. How so?

Photos: Senio Zapruder


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Berlin’s Insane Alternative Fashion Week SS 2015 ベルリンの現実領域を超えた BAFWを体験してきた

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.29.32 AM

My plans for a post-fashion month trip to Berlin consisted of making NO plans. It was a total coincidence that a new event called “Berlin Alternative Fashion Week” was being held in the city while I was there. And while I had no intention of spending another week chasing runways, when my friend (an art curator) pulled out two tickets to see a group show, we jumped in.

It seemed the local fashion community was at odds with this event (Berlin has it’s own official Fashion Week in January and July which already seems to struggle for fanfare) and feigned to stay away. I really didn’t know what to expect. We stayed in the back, just in case we needed to make a swift exit early.

I live in Tokyo so you can imagine I have seen my fair share of jaw-dropping presentations before. Let’s just say those were warm-ups to this…

NYCで9月頭から始まるエレクトリックな2015SSファッションマンスに続けてベルリンに”ノープラン”でぴぴぴぴとする頭の中を修理に行って来た(そりゃ壊れるに決まってるわww)。すると、偶然にもちょうど”Berlin Alternative Fashion Week” (ベルリン オールタニティブ ファッション ウィーク=BAFW, ゲリラ的なファッションウィークって感じ)が開かれ、アートキュレーターの友達がミーシャを誘ってくれた。主催側に連絡を入れず、興味を持っただけで飛び入りで観賞をすることに。





Andrey Bartenev collection