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ビューティはダークなマスカレード。Joji Kojima’s mysterious beauty line, Bal Masque by Cle de Peau



彼の最新作はビューティーブランドCle de Peauのコスメティクス & スキンケアラインから登場する”Bal Masque”のヴィジュアルとパッケージデザイン。今の季節だと春物で出始めて、普通明るくてハッピーな物が沢山打ち出されるけど、この極寒い1月の日々だからダークでかっこいいのがよりぴったりだよね。リアルな話。だからこのムードはミーシャには持ってこいのコレクション。

It’s been so exciting to follow the career of Joji Kojima, the fine jewelry artist and art director who blew up right after art school graduation in Tokyo with a mask that ended up as a Lady Gaga album cover and followed it with some incredibly eye-catching 3D-printed pieces. His style is dark, mysterious, and exotic, with a taste for villains rather than heroines. Recently, he was commissioned by beauty brand Cle de Peau for a line of cosmetics and skin care, called “Bal Masque”. I know that the spring collections are hitting the shelves and everything should be bright and happy and yadda, yadda, but where I’m at, it’s still dark and cold so this moody collection hits the spot right now.