Japanese Brands SS 2016春夏の東京コレクション

バルムングに見るストリートファッションの「いま」。Concrete, fur and flowers. Balmung IS Tokyo street style. 2016 SS

balmung 2016 ss collection


わたしは “知っている。”   バルムングが日本のストリートファッションの「いま」を現在進行形でつくってることを。



Do you “know”?

I “know”.

I know that when it comes to Tokyo street style fashion, Balmung is an instigator and a catalyst to defining what it is today. …and what it is to become.

Although a snug fit, cute waist, and leggy looks are the uniform du jour for street style in the west, in Japan it’s almost always going to be baggy and “free size” (one size fits all, or unisex) and stick out in odd places.

I mean the last part literally. For example, in Balmung’s case, designer Hachi is all about creating a big upper body and the feet through exaggerated shapes. While these may seem cumbersome, it’s the western fashion that actually starts to look more of a pain to deal with than its worth, and this is just so easy to pull over. These silhouettes are pretty par for the course in many Tokyo street-born brands, but to thine western eyes they are still quite a sight to see.

balmung 2016 ss collection