Japanese Brands SS 2016春夏の東京コレクション

生贄にされた子羊。アリスアウアアの作る世界に魅了されたあなたも、もうそれから逃げられない Sacrificial lambs make great gothic clothes. Alice Auaa 2016 SS

aliceauaa 2016 ss collection














Alice Auaa is one of the most well-known Japanese gothic brands, but if you’re unfamiliar with it and immediately think of gothic lolita, then you are on the wrong road. While loli will prefer to shun sexuality and shock, Auaa wants to put it all out there wild and sexual and bloody and it doesn’t hold back. Aaaaand…There is also some great construction and design in there as well- this is exclusively couture, after all.

I always come back to Alice Auaa, the end-all-be-all of high-end gothic couture in Japan around this time of the year when Halloween is still in the air and the days get colder. Today was bone-chillingly cold out so it’s time to embrace the darkness of 2016 SS.


Docile. Submissive. Innocent.


The image of a lamb is not one of strength, but one of frailty. It’s got an innocuous innocence, of gaiety and frolick. And of course, it’s the go-to sacrificial animal when God gets hungry.

Alice Auaa’s 2016 SS collection is based on the lamb, an animal whose life may come with some… strings attached. The collection takes this idea of *not* being free, and designer Funakoshi interprets it as a thing of dark beauty.

aliceauaa 2016 ss collection

Japanese Fashion culture | 日本のファッション文化 Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション Tokyo Fashion Week SS 2015

東京ファッションウィーク?それとも東京リアルクローズウィーク? Is it Tokyo Fashion Week, or Tokyo Clothing Week?




毎シーズン、どんなデザインが発表されるのかとわくわくしたり、素敵なファッションでドレスアップすることや、それが自分のワードローブに加わるのを夢見たり、本当にファッションが大好きな私。でも正直最近…特に2015 SSは…面白みに欠けたシーズンだったと感じた。”ファッション”を感じられるもの、なにより、欲しい! と思うようなものに出逢えなくて寂しかった。たくさんのコレクションを見たけれど、目にするのはおとなしく落ち着いてしまったリアルクローズばかり。どうしちゃったんだろうー。と前回のファッションウィークが終わってから今までずっと気がかりでいる。



What is “fashion” to you? Is all fashion clothing? Sure. But is all clothing “fashion”?

Personally, I think not. I also think there is a difference between a clothing brand, and a ”fashion” brand. Not all clothing is created equal. And when it comes to fashion week I am there to see capital-EFF-ashion.

This article is not being written by Misha the critic or journalist. It’s being written by Misha who is interested in fashion, loves to buy fashion, and loves to work hard to earn money to spend on fashion.

Every season I should be excited to see the designs and dream of wearing the clothes or putting them into my closet. But recently… and especially last season….I didn’t see much fashion. I didn’t feel compelled to go buy it. But I did see a lot of clothing. A glut of….body-covering panels of cloth.

Is this Tokyo Fashion Week? Or is this turning into Tokyo Clothing Week?


Below: Onitsuka Tiger by Andrea Pompilio 2015 SS. Top photo: Ne-net 2015 SS. Photo by Mitsugu Uehara.