Best Japanese Brands 2016 | 最強日本ブランド 2016年保存版

あら!ヨウヘイオノが東京のBESTコレクションへ。Yohei Ohno’s big OH-NO moment of FW 2016

  1. model wears yohei ono 2016 fw collection



でも、どのコレクションにも、”何か”感じるものが見つかるはず。チェックリストなんかにはハマらない、”何か”を感じることがある。それこそが、Yohei Ohnoの2016秋冬コレクションに対するミーシャのフィーリング。個人的な意見だけど、東京のこのシーズンでベストのコレクションの1つだと言える…

When it becomes one’s job to look at fashion all day long, every day of the year, your opinion on a collection or brand can ebb as precariously as the rainy season’s skies. Should I say it’s a good collection because it’s something I have never seen before (even if it’s far too much?). Should a collection be called good because just maybe they made something that might sell (but looks like everything else?). So it becomes very analytical and follows an algorithm like x2+$y=★. It really starts to take the fun out of trawling through exhibitions and shows.

But then every once in a while a collection comes along where you can see there’s something in there…it speaks with feeling, not with a checklist. That’s what I felt with Yohei Ohno’s FW 2016 collection and I have to say this collection his all the makings of being one of the best to come out of Tokyo for the whole season.

model wears yohei ono 2016 aw collection