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Mintdesigns publishes first archive book; let’s look at the past shows! ミントデザインズ初となる作品集の発行に際して、全てのコレクションを振り返って見よう!!



この度、このブランド初となる作品集 ”Mintdesigns” が発売される。まだまだ得体の知れない未知数のブランド、ミントデザインズに人々が魅了される理由が明らかになることでしょう!

Is it possible to be both dark and chipper at the same time? Yes, if you’re Mintdesigns. It’s one of the most original brands to come out of Japan in the past 10 years. Nowhere else can you find a label that gets away with having collections of cute European hot air balloon prints followed by giant ants, or rabbits in a gun’s bullseye without being called a little bit crazy. But the only thing crazy here are it’s legions of fans across Asia and the globe who come in droves.

Now, with the planned release of Mintdesigns first archive book it will be much more obvious to see what draws everyone to this enigmatic brand.

Mintdesigns publishes first book of archives  ミントデザインズ作品集