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 原宿の空気を吸い尽くす、巨大なシャボン玉ここにあり。カリスマショップBubblesのオーナーCoiちゃんがその人気の秘密を公開!bubbles in the senken

Street style for men in Tokyo has been getting a fair chunk of the world’s attention lately, and with good reason – a Harajuku boy can rock deconstructed jackets and long skirts like no other. But where are my ladies at? They still know how to innovate, and this is especially apparent in the niche used-clothing styles that are keeping Tokyo’s fashion subcultures on the map. Three of the city’s most popular are “forest girl”, “80s disco”, and “neo vintage mix”, and I set out to find the girls who are making and cultivating these genres into successful new style trends.


This paragraph is the opening to an article I wrote for The Senken Newspaper, a daily fashion and apparel newspaper in Japan but also available in Paris and Tokyo during fashion week. It’s titled “Tokyo’s Girl Trend Setters are Behind the Registers” and I interviewed 3 leading ladies of fashion in Japan for it. Please pop over and read it online (In English only) . Everyone is so busy that it’s hard to sit down with people and hear their stories, so I was glad to have the excuse to get a one-on-one. Since I could only fit a couple hundred words onto the page, here are their interviews more in-depth.

今回この冒頭のイントロダクションで始まる記事を、“Tokyo’s Girl Trend Setters are Behind the Registersと銘打って繊研新聞で書いたのですが、普段多忙な彼女達のインタビューはあまりに興味深く、新聞の文字数では足りない!ということでここで未公開トークも交えて披露したいと思います!ちなみに原文の記事はオンラインでもご覧頂けるので、英語の勉強がてら読んでみてもいいかも!(英文記事)

*Let’s start with my first interviewee, Coi the head honcho and used and new boutique Bubbles in Harajuku. It opened in Feb 2011 and Coi was about 27 when she jumped ship at her previous used-clothing shop position at Kinsella. She took 7 years of experience in that market and decided to open a shop that more suited her tastes….

Coi: I knew about the malls, like 109 and Laforet but to me, I wanted to wear things that were more “free”. I was working at a [famous] place called Kinsella in Harajuku and learned the ropes there. My boss told me one day, “If you want to start your own shop, I`ll help you out.”


Coi: 古着はずっと好きだったね。もちろん、109とか、ラフォーレとか、ああいうショッピングセンターは頭に入ってたけれど、もっと自由なものを着たいな、と思ってた。KINSELLAで販売とかしてそこでいろいろ学んだけれど、上司に「自分のお店やってみたいなら支援してあげるよ」と言われたのがBubblesのきっかけ。


*I started to really pay attention to Bubbles last Dec when I heard news they were moving to a new location right off of Meiji Dori. I thought how amazing it was that a new shop was already moving to a better place from popularity! Well… 

Coi: I`m super lucky that everyone thinks we moved because of just popularity, but to be honest our new store is a little bit smaller than before. The truth is our past owner was a little bit strange and unfair and wouldn’t renew our lease even though that’s what we were promised. So I had to pack up my shop and move it away! One of the most stressful things I’ve been through!



*Bubbles has a rather unimposing atmosphere, and is decorated kind of like the bedroom of a girl in her 20s who doesn’t want to grow up and still nostalgic for the 70s, 80s and 90s (but also wants some MiuMiu). There’s even a Mac computer on display (is it still there?) like any stylish girl would have. That, and funky bags and backpacks strewn from the ceiling and closets full of mom’s cool vintage clothing. For the interview, Coi herself was wearing flat sneakers (she was on a bicycle), a vintage MiuMiu dress, huge gemstone costume jewelry and an NBA basketball cap. Just try and make THAT fashion cocktail yourselves! Caution! Not for the amateurs….

Coi: I just wanted a store full of stuff that I liked. And I didn’t even really have an idea or concept until 3 months before we opened. I don’t even have a name for my personal style, even though I get asked to tag it as something all the time [oops, sorry for asking!!]. I used to like 70s style a lot but now I`m more into the end of the 70s into the 80s.. a big mix. But now the 80s stuff is starting to run out. It can’t last forever! We’ll have no choice but to move onto the 90s eventually before 80s stuff gets too expensive. I go on buying trips once about every 3 months to the US. Where do you recommend I go, Misha?

Bubblesといえば、20年代の女の子のベッドルームのような印象のインテリアがまず思いつく。そこに70s、80s、90sのテイストがミックスされて、でもなぜかMiu Miuだけは手放せなくて…という女の子の心情を上手く表しているような。 そして店内には、オシャレ女子の必需品Macコンピュータもインテリアで使われており、天井からはファンキーなバッグやバックパックがぶら下がっている。そして壁には一面のクールなヴィンテージの洋服。このミックス感はもちろんCoiちゃんのセンスが反映されたもので、彼女は今回のインタビューの際にもフラットスニーカーに、Miu Miuのヴィンテージドレス、巨大なビジューネックレスにバスケの選手がかぶるようなキャップを身につけていた。もしこれを見て、うちにある洋服で真似をしてみたいと思ったあなた、これはかなりの上級者向けだから気をつけてね!
Coi: とにかく私が大好きなものでお店をいっぱいにしたかったの。だからお店のコンセプトも後回しで、オープン3ヶ月前にようやく決めて、みたいな。ちなみに私のスタイルはなにに当てはまるのかってよく聞かれるけど、それも分からないの。70sも好きだけど、その終盤から80sにかけてをざっくりミックスしたのが好きで、 最近は80sの割合が増えてるかな。 いつも好きなものが変わっちゃうの!でも80年代の洋服って高いから、90年代のものにシフトしようかとも思ってる。あと洋服の買い付けは3ヶ月に一度アメリカに行ってるの。どっかアメリカでいいところ知ってる??

*I had no idea, sorry…I`m in Tokyo 11 months of the year for the past 9 years….. but back to Bubbles. I spent one entire afternoon perusing her blog because she puts together some really great outfits that have an air of maturity to them, but still experimental enough to play a leading part of Harajuku culture. This blog helped spur Bubbles to instant buzz…

Coi: I really was surprised that people knew about my shop so quickly. Especially since I was doing everything myself and couldn’t do tons of proper PR. But you know, everyone gets excited about a new shop, the hard part is keeping them interested.  So I would put up lots of posts on my blog…. but then something terrible happened. Apparently one of my ideas from my shop was copied by another store. I couldn’t believe it. I felt really hurt…we are all just trying to keep Harajuku exciting and fresh and make our own way and stay in business. So now I don’t know if I should put anything on my blog anymore… even though some customers see something they like there and then come in to buy it. It puts me in a difficult position.

*あんまり分からないかな…東京に出てきて9年、一年のほとんどを都内で過ごしてるから笑 ところでこの前、お店のブログを見ていたら凄く面白いスタイルがいっぱい載ってて、結局半日見続けちゃったの。どこかマチュアなんだけど、実験的でもあって舌を巻いたわ。やっぱりブログの反響はある?

Coi: 私自身、みんながこんなに早くお店のことを知ってくれたのには驚いてるの。だって最初はバタバタしすぎてろくなPRもできなかったし。でもやっぱりみんな新しいお店には常にレーダーを張ってるみたいで、むしろこれからが大変かなと思ってる。 そのためにブログを使ってたんだけど、この前それでひどいことがあって、私がブログに載せたアイデアを他のショップに盗まれたの!私たちは自分で考えた方法で原宿に刺激を与えたいと思ってやってるのに…だからあんまりブログに載せすぎるのは良くないのかなとも思うけど…でもお客さんでブログを見てくれている人がたくさんいるのは分かってるし、なかなか難しいかな… 

*I asked about an online shop then, and she explained she was setting one up as we were speaking….herself. She does her shop’s main website as well, and pretty much everything else. POWER! Gurl keeps the reins on and won’t just relinquish to anybody. Sometimes being a female and trying to grasp so much power is looked down upon in Japan. It’s far too “masculine”. What does Coi do when she has doubts?

Coi: Ari who owns The Virgin Mary is kind of my friend-slash-mentor and she gives me advice or stops by to see me. After six months I realzied how tough running a store was…I wanted to really do everything myself and control it all. I guess it’s like a maternal instinct a woman might have. This shop is my baby. But men are able to delegate and leave work to others which allows the business to get bigger. I have to work on that, I guess. 


Coi: The Virgin MaryのオーナーのAriちゃんて子がいて、彼女は私の親友兼メンター なんだけど、私が困ったときには彼女にアドバイスをもらうようにしてるの。お店をオープンして半年経ったとき、その大変さを身に染みて分かったんだけど、やっぱり自分で出来る限りはやりたかったし、多分女性特有の根性強さが幸いしてなんとか切り抜けられたの。このお店は私の赤ちゃんみたいなものだからっていう考えもあるけど、でもそういう時に男性のビジネス的なやり方も必要なのかなと思って、今はそっちに頭がいってる。

*It must be really exciting though, to have so much influence and see your concept of fashion being put into practice on the streets of Harajuku with your customers.

Coi: *silence*

*Girl, you are totally influential! You know that, right?

Coi: I try not to acknowledge it…I think it’s better that way now, to not let it go to my head or influence me.

*Ok, but all of your fans love you. I know they’re there…

Coi: *silence*

*I’ve seen them on Twitter. They want to know when you’re working in the store! I KNOW you have fans!

Coi: ….I try not to think about it. It’s a funny thing. Of course I’m happy and thankful. But recently I`m not in the store as much, I`m doing back-end things.

*Cool cat, I see. 

Coi: *無言*
Coi: それについては、あんまり意識しないようにしてるの。そこに気が向いちゃうと今の流れを乱しちゃうから…
Coi: *無言*
Coi: …でもやっぱり考えないようにしたいな。もちろん、そうだったら嬉しいけど、実際最近はあまりお店にいなくて裏方ばかりだし….

bubbles shop

Well, since this interview I didn’t see Coi around much, so she must be growing her balls and getting shit done. Good girl!! Your child is growing up and leaving the home…set it free! (she has a lot more employees to help out now). I suggest checking out her instagram and of course her shop’s blog. She also got her  Bubbles online store set up as well! And the shop’s Twitter account is @BubblesTokyo (Japanese, but you’re jsut going to click on the photos anyway). Bubble go forth and float, up and away~

ここで言っていたように、この後彼女をあまりお店で見かけないようになったのは事実。もちろん見えなくても、きっと裏でお店の為に走り回ってるのは明らかだが。さて、急速に育ってきた彼女のベイビーは、この後どう変化していくのか。いつか親離れは来てしまうのか。でもまぁそんな心配も、彼女の周りの素敵なスタッフを見ればする必要もなさそうね。彼女のinstagram、お店のblog、あとBubbles online storeとTwitter@BubblesTokyoには女の子必見のアイデアが盛りだくさんなので、是非チェックしてみて下さい!