Tokyo Brands SS 2017 | 2017春夏の東京ブランド

コトハヨコザワ 2017ss 日々に収まらなかった秋の空のような女心を着る Kotoha Yokozawa: When conventionally ugly is quite pretty

kotoha yokozawa 2017ss collection



What is ugliness? What is ugly fashion? Ugly is becoming more and more a mass-accepted form of attractiveness, especially in Japan.

One of my absolute favorite new brands from Tokyo is this young but very “dark” horse, Kotoha Yokozawa (stylized as kotohayokozawa). The 2017 SS collection is called “It’s hard to stay peaceful. I am wearing everything I couldn’t finish on a nothing-special kind of day.”

Well. Even if she couldn’t finish it all, (and that theme comes out in the clothing design) the collection was so interesting, cool, feminine, and very risky. It’s part of a group of young designers, all who graduated from Coconogacco, one of the most interesting fashion schools in Japan, and it’s also part of a “imperfect is best” movement of fashion design.

kotoha yokozawa 2017ss collection