Japanese Brands SS 2016春夏の東京コレクション

アカネウツノミヤ 2016ss 忘れたくない”おしゃれ”への憧れ。Those funny things adults call “fashion”. Akane Utsunomiya 2016 SS.

akane utsunomiya 2016 ss collection





あなたはまだ覚えてる? そして今の自分を見つめてみて。

My mother was a true blue clothes horse (let’s call her a pony, “horse” sounds terrible). Her closet spilled out of the one my mother and father shared into half of my brother’s, and then into half of mine. She came of working age in the 80s, so there were lots of colorful patterned collar shirts and “power” blazers in which she would remove the shoulder pads (they’re “icky”, she’d say. Progressive!!). As a child, I remember trying them on, swimming in their long sleeves. I wondered if there ever would be a day I`d understand this kind of fashion, or ever figure out how to wear it without giggling. Being a little girl trying on mature clothes is always a strange, magical experience…one that we easily forget. I was reminded of this while scrolling through the Akane Utsunomiya Spring 2016 catalog.

akane utsunomiya 2016 ss collection