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スタイルブック:新たなチャレンジへ Stylebook: Softer but harder with XANADU

Time: 10:30am

Location: Setagaya

Theme: Softer but harder.




I know, I know. We should first talk about the elephant in the room.

…I`m wearing floral.

Alright, so having my real hair set free comes with a new set of challenges. I may be able to use less shampoo and have a less itchy scalp with this haircut, but this kind of hair comes with a mind of its own. That is especially true when it comes to picking out what kind of clothes to wear. A boyish cut is far more picky about what it likes to look good with, more than any other hairstyle I`ve ever had.


ハードな面とフェミニンな面とのバランスが私のワードローブの大事なところ。それに加えて、このヘアカットの記念にワードローブにとって新しい何かをゲットしなくちゃいけないのもわかってる。パワフルで、ユニークな気持ちにさせてくれた髪型だから誰とも同じような格好はしたくない!だから、すぐに原宿・外苑前周辺の伝説的なブティック、XANADU Tokyo (ザナドゥートウキョウ)に向かった。パチンコのベルがガンガンなるような原宿のメインファッションエリアから離れていて、どこへ行っても手に入れることができないようなデザイナーズブランドいっぱいのラックをリラックスしながら落ち着いて眺めることができるの。主に日本人デザイナーや日本にベースを置いたデザイナーたちの一点物をたくさん見ることができて、ロギーケイにフェノメナコレクション、トモコイズミなどがラックに並んでる。ミーシャはニューアイテムたちが入ってくるときのためのアポイントももう完了済み○


So it’s important to balance out the hard side of my wardrobe with the feminine side. And I knew exactly where to get some new things for my wardrobe to commemorate this cut. I was feeling powerful, I was feeling unique, I didn’t want to look like anyone else. So I immediately went to XANADU Tokyo, the legendary boutique that sits on the fringe of Harajuku/Gaienmae. Far removed from the pachinko-like bells and noise of the main Harajuku shopping area, this store is where you can relax and calmly search through the racks that are packed full of designers who can’t find anywhere else. I’m talking tons of one-offs made by local creators, almost all of them Japanese or with strong bases in Japan. There is tons of Roggykei, Phenomena Collection, Tomo Koizumi etc to search through. I’ve already made an appointment for when the next batch of new stuff comes in. I found the perfect combo of cool-meets-cute, soft-meets-hard, avantgarde-meets-street to satisfy my new cut’s hunger. Check it out, and head to XANADU (Instagram) right away as once that stuff is gone, it’s gone!

Dress: Sakina Fuse
Choker and harness: i.collection
Boots: DIOR


Top: Tomo Koizumi
Skirt: Noble Punishment


Skirt: Tomo Koizumi
Pants: Anndirkizm
Shoes: Kat Macione


Dress: Lyna Kajimoto
Bracelet: Les Georgettes



Misha Janette

Asst. Mina Machida

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