TIME: 10:45
THEME: Stairway to somewhere ~先へ登り続ける~

Photos/art: Celia Humphries







Staircases are the bees knees. What is it that makes them so alluring? Is it the vague hint of there being something better at the end? Escher seemed to understand the mystere of staircases well. His “never ending” stairs pops into my mind every time I see sets of them- and I know I’m not the only one. While it can’t be perfectly replicated, there’s a shop in Shanghai, called ALTER which takes the Escher idea, strewing staircases all over the walls and floors, and mannequins acting like gravity is NBD. It was awarded as one of the best shops in the world, so if you’re a fan of cool staircases and in Shanghai, check it out.

Surrealism doesn’t really play well with fashion… although I do have fun wearing shirts as skirts or pants on my head, it’s not exactly “surreal”. But perhaps these shoes from Pameo Pose, with grass inside their perspex heels, are a “step” in the right direction.

surreal fashion escher style stairs
surreal fashion with geometric akira naka shirt
surreal fashion grass in shoes by pameo pose
surreal fashion by pameo pose


シャツ Shirt: AKIRA NAKA
パンツ Pants: Pameo Pose archives
シューズ Shoes: Pameo Pose
バッグ Bag: Michino
ハット Hat: Vivienne Westwood
イヤーカッフ Ear cuff: Taro Horiuchi


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Styling: Misha Janette
Photos/art: Celia Humphries


Misha Janette

Natsumi Yasuoka