Zayan the label at shinjuku gyoen greenhouse ©-Celia-Humphries

TIME: 13:30
LOCATION: Shinjuku Gyoen Park
THEME: ボタニカ・エレガンス Greenhouse-pink


Photos: Celia Humphries


温室の外と中の差に、体もマインドもちょっとしたショックを受ける。なんて…ファンタジック!なんて凄い…湿度!最後にこんな風に温室に「かっこいい!」と思わされたのはグウェン・ステファニの「What’re you waiting for?」PV以来なのかも。


Walking into the greenhouse was a shock to the senses; so many plants, so much…moisture. And yet it was so fresh and fantastical. The last time a greenhouse looked so cool to me was maybe the Gwen Stefani “What’re you waiting for?” music video.

I don’t have a green thumb; in fact it’s so ungreen it’s green’s complementary red and not jumping the color wheel any time soon. I think I managed to kill even a bamboo stalk once, and even a cactus would most likely not survive my hand. Stereotypical, fine. Chalk it up to a busy and unpredictable schedule. But still, I grew up in a house full of exotic flora that my mother kept in impeccable condition and I lament falling far from that tree. Ah well, I can at least point to this the next time someone says I can’t do “natural” fashion. It’s natural to me!

Zayan the label at shinjuku gyoen greenhouse ©-Celia-Humphries©-Celia-Humphries

Zayan the label at shinjuku gyoen greenhouse bananas ©-Celia-Humphries©-Celia-Humphries

Zayan the label at shinjuku gyoen greenhouse portrait ©-Celia-Humphriest-©-Celia-Humphries




ドレス Dress: Zayan the Label
ハット Headband: Francesco Ballestrazzi


Photos: Celia Humphries
Thanks to H3o Tokyo

-Misha Janette

Thank you for reading!