TIME: 14:30
LOCATION: Milan, near Montenapoleone
THEME: チェックメート・ミラノ~Checkmate Milan~



It’s another atehamaranai-kei (translation: “odd-one-out-style”) stylebook.

While in Milan I had a hot minute to check out the area near the hotel, located near the famed Montenapoleone street lined with the world’s top boutiques. But anyone who has been to Italy knows the sidewalks are narrow, and causing any sort of extra congestion might get you a face full of scowls (or wide gestures of dis-contempt). So these photos were taken in the backstreets, where my bright checkered Kittima skirt juxtaposed with the historic stone walls every so politely.  I really thought that since I was in an Italian brand, I could put together a very Milanese outfit. But it seems I just can’t wash the Tokyo and New York sporty style out of my hair. But these stilettos at least, couldn’t look more at home, in the cobblestone streets where women hobble like masters of the game. Check, mate.






スカート: Kittima Italy
ローブ、バッグ、ハット Robe, bag, hat: Vintage
靴下 Socks: Probably 109
シューズ Shoes: Uterque

Special thanks to OMEGA, and Frank Vaughn for prancing through Milan with me!