grandmatic 1

LOCATION: Sendagaya, Tokyo
TIME: 16:10
THEME: Granmatic-ally Correct ~ジュエリーの価値は値段だけじゃないもの~

世界の大富豪で、私のミューズでもあるDaphne Guinnessが、ジュエリーについて語っている。”ジュエリーは本物じゃなくても価値があるものだから。”…

One of the richest women in the world (and my muse) Daphne Guinness said; “Jewelry doesn’t have to be real to make a statement.”…

度を超えたグラマラスなものには嫌悪感をいだく。ダイアモンドや宝石を、これでもかというくらい身につけることは、きっとわたしの人生で二回しかないだろう。それは、結婚式とレッドカーペット。(その前に死ぬかもw) でも、豪華すぎないものや、TPOをわきまえたデザインのものならばアウトフィットをワンランクアップさせるのにとても効果的。コスチュームジュエリーは最高のアイテムだと思う!



There’s something about over-the-top glamour that has always made me feel a bit…squicky. Draping myself in real diamonds and gemstones and to be so ostentatious in it is something I personally feel only would apply to me in to two situations: wedding and the red carpet (so maybe I`ll die first). But when there’s a twist to the glamour, when it’s fun or not so expensive that it needs its own insurance policy, then it’s a great way to punch up an outfit. Thank god for costume jewelry, and Grandmatic which brings the fun and the glamour to it’s super popular series of accessories.

Grandmatic is designed by Michiko Nakayama here in Tokyo, and plays on kitschy motifs like cherries, dragonflies, fish bones and bees. They use lots of pearls and colorful gemstones, including high quality Swarovski crystals to give it a dazzling sparkle. See more Grandmatic pieces on the Crystalblog here (Japanese).

Dress: Cinq a sept via Shopbop
Shoes: Vintage
Jewelry: Grandmatic




Jewelry: Grandmatic
Clothes: All vintage


Top: UN3D
Skirt: Christian Dada
Shoes: Whatfor
Jewelry: Grandmatic