TIME: 11:30am
LOCATION: South Shinjuku
THEME: Color-puzzle ~カラーのパズル~


It’s been awhile since I put up a stylebook, so this time I wanted to make it good. So I got 3 talented people in here, and they turned it out like WOW. Check it out:

Photos: Alex T. Thomas


オーストラリアを拠点に活動しているデザイナー、Alana Floodのコレクションは、薄いファブリックのレイヤーを用いて作られている。カラフルな植物の薄皮が脱皮するように、またはいくつもの層が重なるように、その色を変える。基本の色を中心に広げられるジオメトリックなデザインは、おもちゃのようにも感じられる。実際、新たなアウトフィッツを生み出す、”遊び”もすごく楽しかった。カラーブロッキングについては意識をせずともやっているくらい身近なものだけど、これは、言って見れば”カラードッキング”で、もっとテクニカルで一歩先の、さらに深い技術だと思う。トランスフォーマーのパーツドッキングみたいにね。

服は、新宿の近代的な街並みにぴったりといったところ。服自体が、まるで生きているみたいにグラフィカルに変化する。。そして才能豊かなグラフィックデザイナー/アーティストのHiroki Hisajimaの手によってAlexの撮った写真とAlanaのコレクションはより強く、大きく、深く息をする。





Australia-based designer Alana Flood’s collection is made of thin layers of fabric, like a colorful plant husk that can be peeled away or built up, changing it’s hue as you add to it. The geometric, primary-colored designs were like toys to me, and it was so much fun to “play” with them, creating new one of a kind outfits as I went. We all know about color blocking, but in this case I felt like I was doing something more technical and advanced, in a way it was more like color “docking”, like a putting Transformers parts together.

The clothing was such a match for the architectural landscape of Shinjuku, and on their own, they are giving major graphical face. But when I got the opportunity to work with talented graphic designer and artist Hiroki Hisajima of Reless Graphics, I knew that in his hands, Alex’s photos and Alana’s collection would truly come alive.

On the relationship between graphic design and fashion, Hisajima says:

“Clothing” is what we put on our bodies (what we wear)
“Design” is what we edit (prepare and fix)
“Art” is what we perceive (through sight and feeling)

And then there is “Fashion” which is created through both design and art, but still worn on our bodies as clothing. So in fact, it is clothing meant to be seen and perceived and felt. Fashion is something that has already been created by someone to enjoy as both design and art, and yet with a new addition of design it can become something totally new.








スタイリスト, モデル:ミーシャジャネット



Photos: Alex T Thomas
Styling/Model: Misha Janette
All clothing: Alana Flood
Graphic design: Hiroki Hisajima (Reless Graphics)
HP www.reless.jp and www.add-iti-on.com  INSTAGRAM www.instagram.com/relessgraphics