coat by viktoriya veselova that looks like a blanket of cherry blossoms

TIME: 16:00
THEME: 膨らむ華麗さ -A blanket of cherry blossoms-




Viktoriya Veselova hails from Russia but she has already been racking up the accolades while studying in Tokyo at the Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU). This particular piece features her current penchant for yarn and hand-printed wool with mesh underneath to hold it all together. The soft, voluminous sleeves were a ringer for the blanket of fluffy cherry blossoms that decorated the sky like cotton candy. And with the weather always in flux at this time, a little weight with room to breathe made this a far more logical thing to wear than it first appears. But more than anything, even at the palest pink, this coat is all power and no fluff.


All photos by Fabian Parkes

Walking under a blanket of cherry blossoms in Tokyo

covered in a blanket of cherry blossoms

into the bushes in a blanket of cherry blossoms

A blanket of Cherry blossoms in front of Bunka Fashion College

テーマ: “膨らむ華麗さ”
-A blanket of Cherry Blossoms-


Coat コート: Viktoriya Veselova
Shoes シューズ: Santoni
Bag バッグ: Matter Matters
Ring リング:Gift

Photos: Fabian Parkes