Tokyo Brands SS 2017 | 2017春夏の東京ブランド

somniumはもはや、アクセサリブランドの枠におさまらない。It’s more than an accessories brand, it’s an expanding universe: SOMNIUM.




Sadness, loneliness, longing, backstabbing, doubt… sometimes there are products of fashion and art, created from these supposed “negative” traits. Then there are times when these feelings create a chain reaction… the easiest example is spontaneous shopping (or binge eating, I suppose!).

Because you were dumped. Because you messed up at work. Because you did *something* wrong. When that sort of shopping motivation arises, we become like starved hunters, desperately searching for anything to procure. But even in this sort of wild game, meeting the perfect product is still important… and even when circling the department store with your bow and arrow, you can end up catching the perfect thing.

And this is what happened when I met Somnium. In a crazed, “must get SOMETHING” moment, I ended up with the coolest new brand in my rolodex of love.


最新シーズンでは、デザイナーが日々撮りためた写真をインスピレーションにしている。日常の1コマを切り取って幻想的な世界を表現した”day to day”というコレクション。




somnium HP

The designs of Somnium’s accessories are just the beginning; there’s also the fascinating stories and themes to ever collection that add layers to the brand. Behind some of the pieces are expanding galaxies, or sunsets over a mountain range; or even a moment of prayer at a Shinto Shrine. It’s a brand that asks you to use your imagination while wearing it (but the pieces are not imaginary! Ha.)

For the SS 2017 collection she pared it down, but for a collection of simple photographs called “Day to Day”. It

Check out more of Izumi’s works at her HP here and get into the Somnium groove:


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