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Appearing in SO-EN Magazine June 2011


Misha janette in So-En magazine June 2011

Dress by Goto Asato. Hat by Nobuki Hizume. Special thanks to Chihiro Hatae.


A big thank you to SO-EN magazine for including me in their 2011 edition of the “Gyokai Navi” (Industry Guide). It kicks off with NIGO from BAPE and then runs the gamut from patterner to merchandizer with 10 more of us in various positions within the industry in Japan.

Of course, my title goes beyond just “Journalist”, and luckily the profile includes most of my activities. Depending on the job..I am a writer, stylist, blogger, translator, consultant and avid collaborator. In Japan, I am always causing trouble for people who want to give me a title and there are just too many! I think they honestly get frustrated with me. So on my newest business cards I eschewed titles at all and have just settled with “fashion”. People will ask me what that means and I will have the chance to explain further.


『装苑』6月号の「業界ナビ2011年」というコーナーにて取り上げてくださいました♪ ナビはベイプのNIGOさんから始まり、続いて「好きを仕事にした10人10職」の中の一人として選ばれました。





Check out SO-EN June 2011 at your local import bookstore (there’s a cool feature on hats and headpieces too!! How fitting.)


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