布と身体の間にうまれる空間、人間の厚みによるふくらみ、丈感、色の見え方、あらゆる要素は百人着る人がいれば百通りの形を成す。そんなギャップをおしゃれに表現したのはソーイの2015-16年 秋冬コレクション。

…おしゃれに人種差別は生まれるの? いやいや人種の違いは立派な個性! “今季はこんなコレクションを作りました。あとはあなたが、あなたなりの感覚でおしゃれを楽しんでください。”そんなメッセージが聞こえてきそうだ。


Drab clothes hanging on the rack can be transformed by putting it on a body and vice versa. The vehicle that presents the fashion we consume can change our perception of it completely. So then it must be true of who, or what kind of model, wears an item of clothing. It’s an age-old question in fashion: does body type, sex, or skin color, change the clothing?

There are clothes that are made for any someone. And there are clothes made for a certain someone. There is something to be said for designers who can make something that is so kindly stripped down, that it can be completely transformed by the person…as opposed to the person being completely transformed by the clothes.

In honesty, I am most fascinated by the lookbook for Soe 2015-16 AW then, as it’s more the principle of clothing’s job in our life, as well as bringing up some social commentary… see for yourself. Does your perception change?






In the lookbook, three models of different skin color wear the same outfit. Black, white, and Asian. Depending on the styling, do certain looks pop out better on certain models? I have to admit, some models pull some of them off better than others. You know what that means? Diversity might actually SELL clothes. The big D word is not really a social issue in Japan, considering it’s 98% homogenous society, so it’s fascinating to see it brought up in this way.

Aside from this, check out the one-point color styling, called “sashi-iro” in Japanese. Oooh, I love me some sashi-iro.

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soe-1516aw-look2-1 soe-1516aw-look2-1 soe-1516aw-look2-2 soe-1516aw-look2-1 soe-1516aw-look2-2soe-1516aw-look2-2
soe-1516aw-look2-1 soe-1516aw-look2-1 soe-1516aw-look2-2 soe-1516aw-look2-1
soe-1516aw-look-2 soe-1516aw-look-2 soe-1516aw-look-2 soe-1516aw-look-2 soe-1516aw-look-2 soe-1516aw-look2-2

Misha Janette
Natsumi Yasuoka


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