Adapted from a manga “Shojo Tsubaki” (少女椿) from the 80s which became a cult hit, this tale of psychotic intrigue has been turned into a feature-length film starring fashion model and “dolly style” fashion icon Risa Nakamura. Disclosure: I actually have a cameo in this film, as my friend Torico is the director and I’ve already seen a screening of it, which will be in limited release beginning May 21st in Japan. The original story is an “ero-manga” (erotic manga) and is a fever dream about a girl “Midori” who joins a band of circus freaks who are led by a magician who uses black magic…

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海外では、”ミドリ”というタイトルの少女椿アニメ化として人気を博した。(音楽を”少女革命ウテナ”のファンだと公言している、JA Seazerが手がけた…個人的にめちゃファン!)

Shojo-tsubaki is actually a term used to describe a trope in kamishibai (paper theater), which was a form of cheap entertainment during the depression era in Japan. A shojo-tsubaki is a young penniless girl in her adolescence, usually without parents and sent on adventures as she navigates her way to adulthood. In the “Shojo Tsubaki” manga, she is a girl naed Midori who happens to live in a world that is full of magic, and she is taken in by a band of circus misfits as she fades in and out of reality and dreamworld. The manga became a cult hit thanks to it’s colorful illustrations by Suehiro Maruo and the fantastical costumes he gave the characters.

It was adapted into an anime, called “Midori” in the West, and it also has reached cult status (music was done by JA Seazer, which fans of Shojo Kakumei Utena will instantly recognize).

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The “Shojo Tsubaki” film comes at a time when dolly or girlie fashion has left the marginalized world of Lolita and gone mainstream enough to make one of it’s fashion icons, Risa Nakamura, a nationally-recognized star. She was scouted as a sales girl for dolly-fashion boutique Katie in Daikanyama before going on to be a regular model in the girlie magazine “Larme”. Now she fronts campaigns for fashion and beauty brands, and has an enormous female following. With her giant eyes and nearly expressionless face, she is a living, breathing doll— this movie is her first foray into acting, and I must say that this character seems to have been written for her as she nearly floats from scene to scene- it’s up to her co-stars to pull her along and this dynamic makes enough sense for the story.

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ディレクターのToricoは、アートグループ明和電機の立ち上げたファッションブランドMeewee Dinkeeのディレクションもしている。知る人ぞ知る伝説的アーティスト。Meewee Dinkeeは、フリルの服に奇抜なグラフィックが特徴的で、テクノロジーやレトロエレクトリックな要素のを盛り込んだコレクションを発表している。(だから、エレクトリックさを出すためにグループ名に”電機”が入っているのか!)。だから、この映画では奇抜でカラフルな漫画の中のファッションを再現することに力を入れている。たとえば、ミキオサカベのコレクションが使われていたりと、東京のローカルブランドがよく登場する。映画は言ってみれば、椎名林檎のPVを見ているみたいな世界観が広がっている。数年のうちに、トリッピーなビデオジョッキーとかが出て来るのではないかな?と思う。

The director Torico is a local legend in her own right, as the director of the experimental art group Meiwa Denki’s fashion brand Meewee Dinkee. They’re known for quirky graphics on frilly clothing, and the art side often incorporates odd technology and retro-electronic devices into it’s collections (hence the “denki” which means electronic). Therefore this film does a good job of translating the wild fashion and bright colors of the manga into real-life. I even recognized a number of pieces from local brands, like “I remember that Mikio Sakabe collection!”. The whole movie is like a long Shiina Ringo music video, and I imagine it’s going to be playing in trippy VJ videos for years to come.



ミーシャがちらっと出演中!という話だけど…他にも沢山の東京ファッションスターが出演している。ジェンダーレスファッションアイコンのデビルくんとか、赤い髪の毛が印象的なSi Ouxとか。R15指定されているだけあって、原作通りダークでひねくれてる。アニメーションではなく実写で作ったというのが、この映画の最大の魅力だと思う。アニメを見た事がある人もまた新たに楽しめる。こういう映画はちょっと手が出しにくい…と躊躇している人、迷っているならとにかく見ないともったいないよ!

And….I have a small cameo in it (!!)… and there are also cameos by a lot of Tokyo fashion stars, like “genderless” icon Usuke Devil and red-haired vixen Si Oux. The movie is rated R15 and it certainly deserves it; it is dark and twisted, just like it’s source. If you’ve seen the anime, then this isn’t as visceral, thanks to it being live film instead of animation. But if you are weak-willed and aren’t familiar with the genre then you have been warned!

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監督・脚本:TORICO 原作:丸尾末広「少女椿」(青林工藝舎)





製作:太代眞裕 柏木登 奥田真平
エグゼクテイブプロデユーサー:前田伸一郎 プロデューサー:堀越大
配給:リンクライツ  宣伝:フリーマン・オフィス
撮影:曽根剛 美術:佐々木健一 美術デザイン・監修:宮下忠也
音楽:黒石ひとみ 主題歌:「あの子のジンタ」チャラン・ポ・ランタン(avex trax)

Misha Janette
Natsumi Yasuoka

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