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Sell-out Cocktail : Equal Parts McQueen and Damien Hirst, Infuse Bugs and Skulls, Garnish With Cashmere. Voila!

「完売」のレシピ:マックイーンとダミアンハーストをかき混ぜ、 昆虫とスカルをのせ、カシミヤで焼き上げる 。夢のスカーフコラボ出来上がり!



Wanna make a bet?  On sale around the world at the same time, sold out around the world at the same time.


The world is never bereft of fashion collabs to buy every day, but for Friday the 15th, this one is definitely the talk of the town. We’re talking Alexander McQueen and artist Damien Hirst’s collection of scarves. There are 30 patterns each, and as for the Tokyo store, there will only be 4-6 scarves of each kind  getting in…it’s a bid for an all-out scarf tug-of-war! Before they will surely disappear, I went to the Roppongi Hills Alexander McQueen accessory store (the only one in the world) to check them out. There were scurries of crawly insects like butterflies and beetles in the scarves, and a tilt of the head reveals a hidden skull illusion. Oh, that’s Damien all right.

Aside from the media were a few Hirst superfans. “Some patrons are wrapping 2 or 3 of these scarves at the same time,” I was told by the team. As for the prices, there is a super huge tapestry made of cashmere going for 150,000yen (about $1.5k) and smaller ones start at 50,000yen ($500). They go on sale today (the 15th) all around the world. If you(re still wondering whether to get one or not, then I promise that you’re already too late

もっとも話題になっているのはこの夢のコラボ:アレキサンダーマックイーンとアーティストのダミアンハーストのスカーフコレクション。全30種類、各パターン4枚〜6枚しかお店に入らないという幻的な作品。なくなる前に今日は六本木ヒルズのAlexander McQueen アクセサリー専門店にかけつけた。蝶々にカブトムシ、昆虫があっちこっちとスカーフの柄の中に群れて、頭を傾けるとスカルのイリュージョンがあらわれるというハーストらしいデザイン。












Film by Solve Sundsbo.  How is it some parts of the scarf are blowing in real-time while the body is in slow-mo? So MESMERIZING

フォリムはSolve Sundsboの作品だけあって、万華鏡のような世界が広がる

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