シャネルのショーを初めて生でみる感想とレポート!更に2014年春夏のモダンアートからヒントを得たコレクションの it バッグにフォーカス!


This was my first sitting in a Chanel show and it was as beautiful, thrilling and inspiring as you would expect it to be. I recently read in an interview a woman exerted “Chanel is the one show, the only show, one must see in Paris”. To put it in perspective, we were having dinner and next to us happened to be actress Lilly Collins and her mother. Now I don’t know her personally but as she was leaving George complimented her on her films and she admitted to staring at me during dinner because she liked my look *blush*. She was there for Givenchy but when we said we were going to see Chanel their reaction “Oh my god, you are SO lucky!” It was surprising for their caliber but totally within reason for ANY fashion fan.

先日、私は初めてシャネルのショーで席についた。私の予想通り、とても美しくて、スリリングで、人を奮起させるようなショーだった。この間、何かのファッション雑誌で女の人が、「パリでは、Chanel以外のショーが見れなくても、これだけ見れればそれでいい。」と言っていたのを思い出した。もっと話すと、私達がディナーをしていたレストランで、隣の席を見ると、そこには女優の Lily Collinsと彼女の母がいた。私は彼女を個人的に知っているわけではないけれど、彼女が席を立ったとき、ジョージが彼女の映画をほめたら、彼女が私のファッションスタイルが好きで、ずっと見つめられていたことが発覚!(照)彼女はGivenchyのショーを見に来ていたらしいんだけど、私達が「Chanelのショーを見に行くの」と言ったら、彼女達のリアクションは、「オー・マイ・ガッド!とってもラッキーね!」というもので、彼女達の知名度から考えたら少し驚いたけれど、ファッションオタクなら納得だ。 



It is a spectacle and quite the experience for sure. Arriving a full block away from the Grand Palais, the commotion is in full swing. Street photographers number in the hundreds. Blockades are set up, so invitees walk on the inside and fans/gawkers (??!) stand on the other side snapping photos furiously with their phones, not unlike the red carpet at a movie premiere. You walk it, wondering if the people are looking to snap the fashion superstars or just to observe any fashionista. It was very much “us” vs “them” as if we fashion people live in such a disaffected world we become inadvertent performers of a show.



No matter, this was about Chanel. Entering the grand palais , the drama was kicked up 1000% and this was courtesy Karl Lagerfeld. We were in a surreal makeshift gallery of modern art de Chanel. Giant art installations-about 50 of them (!!?) all inspired by iterations of the Chanel brand loomed on the runway and hung on white walls. There was the “Warhol” pop-art perfume bottles , the “Jeff Koons” style quilted Sumo wrestler ceramic statue, trompe l’oeil paintings, buckets exploding with Chanel chains and a naked mannequin wearing only a Camelia flower over her delicate area. This was going to be a very colorful and fun collection, I surmised. 
And it was! One after another, walking pieces of art strutted down the runway. They were inspired by modern and street art, like trompe l’oeil denim, patchwork tweed, and brushstroke prints. There were over 90 looks and all of them had some fun twist to focus on.

何にせよ、ここではシャネルがメイン。グラン・パレに足を踏み入れた瞬間、ドラマが巻き起こり、見えたもの全てがKarl Lagerfeldの功績だった。私達は非現実的なシャネルのモダンアートギャラリーの中で夢のような空間に包まれた。巨大なインスタレーションアートが50枚ほど(!?)あって、全てがシャネルブランドにインスパイアされていた。それらが、ランウェイや、真っ白な壁に飾ってあった。Warholのようなポップアートパフュームボトルや、Jeff Koonsのセラミックで作られた相撲さんの像、だまし絵や、バケツから溢れ出るほどに入れられたChanelのチェーン、恥部にカメリアが付けられた裸のマネキンなどもあった。私は、これらをみてとてもカラフルで楽しいコレクションだろうと憶測した。


The bags were surely the stars here and they are going to be huge. I mean that both literally and in popularity (see the huge “art student” canvas bag holder for example). For the latter , there’s super cool graffiti printed totes and backpacks, and double sided pouches in bright metallics. I was excited about the prospect of getting a backpack as I’ve been looking for a cool one for half a year. The last look at the finale had my favorite: patchwork pink and black tweed squares is going to be my Chanel must-get. 
Cara Delevigne♥
My favorite— so cool, chic, and unique. And practical! 私の気に入りはこのリュック!
Karl seemed to have really, really enjoyed designing this collection. He walked the entire length of the runway smiling from ear to ear. It was humanizing and dare I say adorable to see him revel in the industry’s reaction. I think the roaring applause was a thank you to for showing us a fun, vibrant , youthful and uplifting collection. Something to look forward to next Spring!
So what about all of those artworks?! According to online mags Karl said he has no intention of selling them but can you imagine how much they would go for?! People would K.I.L.L. to have them, including superstars and art collectors like Jay-Z who have made collecting pop-art fashionable for this generation (he provided the soundtrack “Picasso” for the show, perhaps Karl will give him a piece then). 
Just leave the “Quilted Sumo” statue for me s’il vous plait. 



My outfit for this day included some vintage Chanel boots with armor plates…never going out of style. この日のコーデのしめはビンテージながらも、一生ファッショナブルでなくならないシャネルのアーマーブーツ
Fleamadonna fur + croc skirt and roses top, Fangophilia customized ear cuff
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asst editor: Lisa Ishiwata