roberto cavalli comes to japan

On Tuesday Tokyo had one of the biggest bashes its seen in a long time. This time it was to fete the opening of the new Roberto Cavallo flagship in Aoyama from Sept…and the visit of the The Tanned One (The TO) himself, Mr. Cavalli! Yes, his arrival was delayed by a bit…and I don’t mean just to the shop. I mean it was his FIRST TIME EVER in Tokyo! Better late than never, and the fact that his first ever shop in Asia has been planted in Tokyo is pretty brag-worthy for us. Well, I don’t do  party reports often on this blog but it was such a huge bash and I had on a cool dress that needs to be seen, so prego…

その会場となったのは、ついこの間オープンしたばかりのロベルト カヴァリ青山店で、パーティー会場ではあの有名なイタリア日焼けした肌も拝むことができた…そう、それは他でもない Roberto Cavalli、本人!少し来るのが遅かったかも。というのは、当日会場に現れるのが、という意味では無く今回が彼にとって初めての来日となったということだ。おぉ!しかし、遅かれ早かれあの名高いデザイナーが来日したということはスゴいことに変わりはないし何より、カヴァリにとってアジア初のフラッグシップストアが、我らが東京に出来たということは本当に自慢すべきことだ!何気に、このブログではあまりパーティーレポートとかはしてないんだけど今回ばかりはあまりに賑やかで楽しかったし、何より当日私が着たドレスをみんなに見てほしくて仕方なかったの!

So The TO likes to be surrounded by The BP (Beautiful People) and the Bubbly Drinks (BD) and there was a lot of both. I ran into my friend Yu Yamada who I haven’t seen in so many eons. She looked so grown up! *tear*


roberto cavalli yamada yu 山田優

Then, as I was going to make my way out of the crowded shop President of RC Japan guided me over to Cavalli through the crowd… now, I don’t speak a lick of Italian, but I *think* he said to Cavalli “She’s a stylist, she’s not from a zoo. Don’t skin her.”.

Ha. No, no…he said “She’s a stylist, don’t you love her interpretation of Cavalli?”. Which, I am taking as a HUGE compliment! Thank you, Marco!



実際には、”彼女はスタイリストなんです。彼女のこのカヴァリ アレンジ素敵でしょ?”って紹介してくれたの。なんたる光栄!Thank You Marco!☆

misha janette with roberto cavalli in Tokyo

So here is *the* Cavalli Dress that has had my name on it forever… I love this print and the cute bustle in the back. I was pretty distraught over the fact that I didn’t have any “Cavalli”-like
accessories or shoes to go with it (I realized I have no gold shoes!)…but then decided that I should just go as myself, and it would all come together in the end. Preeeego!


roberto cavalli dress worn by misha janette

Roberto Cavalli dress, Tomo Koizumi top, Fakui tights, Hat is a gift from Francoise Morechand.

Afterward, we all headed to VISION on Dougenzaka in Shibuya, and the entrance was all decked out in Cavalli, with even the curtains inside sporting wild animal prints.
So happy to be a languished Pale One (PO) and still have a great time in Cavalli’s TO world.


-Misha Janette




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