プラダ2012年春夏 in東京。スージー、ブライアン、ペルネ、ルミ、ダンディとショーをブログった!

prada tokyo entrance

The pickup time for the Mercedes to take me to the PRADA ss 2012 show in Tokyo last night was 5:50pm but it was nearing 7pm. I was getting nervous. After all, as one of the invited bloggers to the show, I was to be taking photos for a digital press book that would show photos and movies from each of our perspectives. I am not delusional enough to believe PRADA would halt the show for me, and unlike the west, shows in Japan more or less begin ON TIME (you get to a show here 2 minutes late and it’s already starting!). It was pouring rain outside so the traffic was probably jamming my driver..I had to get there myself! 

Well, hopping into a cab I get the phonecall, “I`m at Yoyogi station”..so a short cab ride to my station and I was off to the show with a smooth ride. 
misha at prada orange car tokyo
It was held on one of the man-made islands in Tokyo bay, at a huge warehouse-type building that greeted us with the most amazing neon light set. Kabukicho’s lights would be seething in jealousy of these. The show itself was a remix of the men and women’s SS 2012 collection with the old classic car and hotrod motifs. This was a HUGE production and the largest held in Japan in PRADA’s history. A week ago a photographer friend Haruki Horikawa in London tweeted “&%$#”! YOU, TOKYO!”. Hah, he was pissed we were taking all of the good models for a week. The show was polished with an after party in an adjacent room that was scattered with some beautiful cars that attendees weaved through, sipping on champagne or listening to the rockabilly styles of the 5,6,7,8s band.
susie bubble lau bryan boy misha janette prada tokyo 2012
The world’s 4 founders of fashion blogs, Susie Bubble, Diane Pernet, Bryan Boy and Rumi Neely were there taking video while I and Yume, and then Dan and Joe from Tokyo Dandy represented the Tokyo viewpoint. We took photos for our blogs and for the e-book that is now available on PRADA.com (!!!). 6 photos are part of the e-book and 10 more are available in the gallery at PRADA.com. Yume Takakura was with me taking photos and she captured my dreamy dimensional aesthetic so well…thank you!
世界で、ファッションブログというものを確立した4人の人物、スージー バブル、ダイアン ペルネ、ブライアン ボーイ、そしてルミ ニーリは会場で動画を、そして私とTokyo Dandyは日本代表として写真を撮影していた。そしてその写真は、もちろんこのブログで使うのと同時に、PRADA.comの中で手に入るデジタルブックに使われるのだ!!そしてそれ以外の写真もPRADA.comにで公開されてるとのこと。私が今回選んだフォトグラファーは、高倉 夢。その名に相応しく、プラダの夢の世界と私の感性をばっちり捉えてくれた。ありがとう!!

misha janette tokyo fashion diaries and prada 2012 e-book
It was great to see Tokyo shown some love, since customers here are so loyal and a fascination with fashion seems to run in a lot of Japanese people’s blood. It’s got to be something in the water. Tokyo really needs more things like this to keep spirits up and have things to get excited about. Of course, for that to happen I need YOUR help….oh dear readers of this blog…showing excitement shouldn’t be a virtue, it’s a right! Have some fun, go with it, and can’t wait to see everyone again soon.
このショーが、他でもない東京で行われたことには本当に素晴らしいと思う。東京の顧客の人たちは本当に忠誠心が高いし、ファッションというものが血液の中を流れているように感じるから。生まれつきなもんかな!?ww だかこそこういったイベントなどで、スピリットを高めたり、ファッションに対してワクワクする気持ちを持ち続けることは大切になってくる。そしてもちろんその為には、読者の皆様のご協力が不可欠となってくるんです!皆さんのワクワクする気持ち、それこそが原動力となってるんです!
misha and kozue akimoto at prada tokyo 2012
(If I put all the photos on the top page it would crash my site so click to see them all!)
prada ss 2012 tokyoprada runway 2012 tokyo
finale prada tokyo 2012
misha and gunji
prada show 2012
clasic acar
prada suits
prada tokyo 2012
ako tanaka numero tokyo at prada with misha janette 2012
misha janette
5678s at prada show
screaming crowd
prada entertinament
vip lounge
prada show
prada misha lounge tokyo 2012
prada outsidemisha outside
Coat is by PRADA, AW 2011
Head piece is by TOMIHIRO KONO (now exhibiting at SISTER!)
Tights by FAKUI (available at BeautiK in Laforet)
Sunglasses by Pretty Little Eyes (from GR8)
コート:PRADA 2011年秋冬
ヘッドピース:TOMIHIRO KONO(Sisterにてエキシビション開催中!)
タイツ:FAKUI (BeautiK ラフォーレ)
サングラス:Pretty Little Eyes (GR8)
prada neon tokyoprada tokyo 2012
Thank you PRADA, come back again and see you in February!
You can download all 6 bloggers’ reports NOW at Prada.com as an e-book! It looks amazing!
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For iPad→here
And more pictures from the party from me here
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