dressedundressed 2016 fall winter collection

ドレスドアンドレスドは計算し尽くされた完成度の高いミニマリズムを追求してきたアパレルブランド。”ドレスドと言えばミニマル” が、出来上がっていた。でも2016秋冬コレクションはというと、そんなドレスドアンドレスドのイメージを覆すサプライズが多く見られた。例えば、セクシーなランジェリードレスやデザイナーの友人が手がけたエロティックなポルノのモチーフなども登場した。

Dressedundressed’s appeal lies in being painstakingly minimal and minutely obsessed with perfection to the point you might have to squint to see if anything is there. But the Dressedundressed fall/winter 2016 collection was full of surprises, from sexy slinky lingerie dresses, to abstract embroidery taken from scenes in a homoerotic porno that the designers’ friend made.

dressedundressed 2016 fall winter collection

motohiro tanji fall winter 2016 Tokyo



Motohiro Tanji is a master of knit, likened to an HR Giger sculptor ever since he started showing his collection at Tokyo Fashion Week two seasons ago. For his Fall Winter 2016-17 show he tried something new, by taking second hand denim and custom “remaking” them with some of his unique and intricate cable-knit details.

motohirotanji fall winter 2016

I thought this was a styling trick, but it’s an actual scarf. Sweet. スタイリングによる仕組みかと思ったら、実はニットはストールなんだ。面白い〜







Even the most analog of accessories is being forced to upgrade using super high-tech advancements. But what does that mean?

To find the answer, last week I visited Los Angeles to witness a revolution in mechanical watches, the world’s first Master Chronometer from Omega.

Although I run a fashion blog, when I wake up in the morning the first thing I check are technology and science blogs, because I’m a big nerd inside and let’s be honest: technology is the most exciting frontier, even in fashion. And watches are in fact the first ever “wearable tech”, considering they have little mechanical “engines” inside. Their simplicity seems almost primitive, and expecting them to work 100% on every occasion is a given. However, apparently there is something in our modern daily lives that is messing with even the most luxury of mechanical watches and rendering them faulty… can you guess what that is?

Screenshot 2016-02-28 19.35.39


そう語るスタイリスト、伏見京子さんを中心に活動する”THE HAPPENING” 。2016ssコレクションでは、ラフォーレ前から表参道にかけてをゲリラショーでジャックするという刺激的なパフォーマンスを360°カメラで撮影した。最新の東京ファッションと最先端のテクノロジーがつくりだすその世界は、街を行く人の足を止め、目を奪い、そして高々と「声明文」をかかげた。


Hey guys, what’s Happening?

The Happening is a ferocious group of Tokyo-based designers who will not go on without a round of awe and applause. Headed by stylist Kyoko Fushimi, they meld technology with wild artisanship, some good ol’ fashion and showmanship in a battle cry against the status quo. While I am still getting press releases from new brands (and old ones) lowering the bar of fashion by to trying to be “your everyday casual brand”, these guys throw “casualness” out of the window and walk all over it.

And while designers of yore may have quietly gone about their “art” in the workshop, The Happening stages guerrilla shows on the streets of Tokyo, making sure their voice is heard loud and clear. Have you heard it yet?

Screenshot 2016-02-28 19.37.19




In 2020, Tokyo will be hosting not only the Olympics, but also the Paralympics. As many designers rush to be a part of the big event (and no names have come up as to who will be taking care of the uniforms or the opening ceremonies yet), there is one and only one that can take the seat of the best brand to dress the Paralympics athletes, hands down. And said even more, there is no other brand that considers the needs of those not fully body-able, but who still want to dress in funky streetwear and be on-trend. For that, we have Tenbo by designer Takafumi Tsuruta.

Not only are Tsuruta’s designs made for agility, but he also considers sight in his collections, as you can see in the braille print-hiding-as-polkadots in the suit below.


Also notice the knee pockets for a cell phone 膝ポケットによって携帯を便利に運べるデザインが天才的!


パトリシアフィールドが閉店。Patricia Field NYC Bowery Closing; photo via NYT



ついこの間、パトリシア本人にインタビューをしたばかりなのに、その時は「閉店」なんて一言もなかった。逆に私が紹介した東京発のブランドをいくつか取り扱いたいという依頼のメールがきたくらい。本当に突然に決めたことなのかな。そしてなぜこの出来事が、嘆きのニュースとしてそ こまで広まっていないのか。きっと理由はこう。ニューヨークファッションが大きく変わってしまったのだ。クラブ系ストリートスタイルファッションのマー ケットがどんどん縮小しているのでは?「数えきれない程のショップを駆け回ってやっとおもしろいものに出会える」のだと、彼女自身言っていた。

OH NO…とショックを受けた直後、もしかしたらユニークファッションの生き残りはもう原宿だけかもしれない。という思考が働いた。これが、ミーシャがこのニュースを聞いた時に思った正直な感想。

It was a total shock when Patricia Field announced that she would be closing her famous New York City store indefinitely. No date has been set yet, but it is speculated to be in March (Update: it appears to be Feb 28!). I was actually surprised that it wasn’t MORE of a shock to the fashion community. Perhaps the grief hasn’t really set in yet. After all, she is a godmother to the unique, flashy side of New York City fashion and to all parties concerned, had been supplying the club kids with their clothes for decades. Then those NYC club kids went on to inspire many high-fashion designers and it has been a self perpetuating cycle for a long time. While she is more known for being the stylist of Sex and the City or Devil Wears Prada, she in fact did a service to the young start-up designers who made fringe clothing when no other shop would take their stuff. I suppose it would be like World’s End closing in London, or DOG closing in Harajuku.

Perhaps, there was a reason there weren’t cries of grief like I expected, and that’s probably because the fashion scene in NYC has changed so much, there wasn’t such a huge market for club-ready street-style fashion anymore? Is that what happened? Patricia herself just said she was too busy these days to run the shop, and that she got such a “good offer” on the real estate she couldn’t pass it up.

My first thought was, “Oh-no”. My second thought was, “Wow, maybe Harajuku is one of the the last bastions of unique clothing on Earth.”


原宿ストリート系の今。Harajuku style. Not closing. Photo via TokyoFashion.com

zucca 2016ss collection






This is the first time I`ve ever picked up Zucca on this blog, despite it being a Japanese brand that’s been touting the athleisure look since its birth in 1988. And while it has been highly influential, it doesn’t garner as much praise as its other 80s-born comrades. Sometimes the pieces still reflect that age, which is perhaps why… and like the spring/summer 2016 season’s collection “Labyrinth” implies, sometimes the best pieces are buried deep inside…

zucca 2016ss collection