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The 2016 SS clothes are hitting the shelves… and it’s time to reflect on the 20166 SS runway show I styled for Desigual at New York Fashion Week. Why did it take me so long to write? Well, this job was a DREAM and I would be remiss for not admitting that it was one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of my life. How does one put that into words.. much less a “blog post”, which is something so….discard-able. Well, I`ve mulled it over, read my interviews, even read all of the internet’s comments on it (Duh, call me masochistic or just too Gen Y to consider internet comments off limits) and so finally here is my tale. Part 1’s intro is here, this is part 2 folks (but part 2 is more interesting IMHO.) Here we go!


elephant tribal fabrics 2016ss collection



2016ssコレクション、クリスチャンダダはデートをソースにした。ヨシオクボはアンティークマーケットでの経験をもとにした。ジェニーファックスは呪い。そして、若手ストリートブランド「エレファント トライバル ファブリックス」はデザイナーの人生のバイブル的映画、「GO」を題材に選んだ。


Taking on “identity” as an inspiration for a fashion collection is never new, but it’s also never the same as another. Tokyo high-end streetwear new comer “Elephant Tribal Fabrics” designer Ryota Kimizuka took his own rather unique Japanese-born Korean identity and parlayed it into a powerful 2016 SS collection. More specifically, he grabbed it from what he considers to be his life’s “Bible”, the extremely popular 2001 Japanese film “GO” starring Yosuke Kubozuka and Ko Shibasaki. It tells the story of a Japan-born North Korean in High School, and the tribulations of violence and love that surround his life. And as Kimizuka thought about his own life as a designer, he found it also told the story of survival among an endless number of brands scrambling for their own identities and success.

elephant tribal fabrics 2016ss collection

elephant tribal fabrics 2016ss collection

Screenshot 2015-12-19 00.40.37

最後の、第3戦「エッジ」がスタート!クリスチャンダダ、Leonard Wong, Nocturne #22 In C Sharp Minor, Op. Posth., フレイクがレアなことに大阪に登場!下記で各ブランドと並んでいる商品の一部を紹介します。

大丸心斎橋店で開催されているポップアップショップ、”ネクストラグジュアリー”のプロデュースに参加させてもらっている私。日本を牽引するパワフ ルなブランドをセレクトさせていただき、2週間おきに入れ替わるというとてもエキサイティングな企画!というのも、もうすぐアートデコ調の素敵な建物をリ ノベーションする大丸が、その前に行うこの大きな企画にミーシャを招いたくださったのだ。



I have put together a rather unique pop-up shop for Daimaru Shinsaibashi in Osaka, as they allowed me to experiment before they close down to renovate the Art-deco-era building. Over the course of 6 weeks, three groups of brands which represent the next generation of luxury fashion from Japan will be presenting an ample lineup of their newest collections and archives for sale.

We are now into the second of the three parts, on from Dec 16 to 30th. The theme is “Edge”

I have asked 5 brands who have a strong sense of self and stand out better for it: Christian Dada, Leonard Wong, Nocturne #22 In C Sharp Minor, Op. Posth., and accessories brand Flake. Please read about these special brands below and check out the store at the first floor of the grand Daimaru Shinsaibashi Department Store on the main Midosuji Road. (and don’t forget to check out the holiday windows I designed for them!)

Misha Janette styles Desigual New York Spring 2016



2015年9月、スペイン発のブランド、Desigualは2016ssコレクションを発表した。とっても光栄な事に、そのショーのスタイリストをやらな いかと声をかけて頂いた。しかも、NYFWのオンスケジュール、一番大きなオフィシャル会場のランウェイコレクションのスタイリスト!ミーシャの役目は、 スタイリングだけではなくて、アクセやシューズのデザイン、ヘアメイクさんへのオファー、音楽、モデル、そしてランウェイピースのデザインにまで多岐に渡 り、本当にたくさんの事を経験させてもらった。もちろん、プレッシャーに押しつぶされそうになったこともあった。でも、最終的に大成功!今までのデシグア ルのショーのなかで、ベストなものが出来たと思う(自分で言うのもあれだけど!)。本当に夢のような時間だった。クリスチャンラクロワとアイリスアプフェ ルにも会えた。 2016春夏の洋服がもうすぐお店に並ぶので、その前にミーシャがそのアイテムをショーのなかでどうやってスタイリングしたのか、ぜひみなさんにみていた だきたい!

What does it take to put together a fashion show for one of the most important events of the year, New York Fashion Week?

This is my experience.

In Sept of this year, Spanish brand Desigual showed their 2016 spring/summer collection. I was so honored to be asked to style this collection which showed on the official calendar, in the new NYFW official venue, in the largest hall they have there. I was to style the show, design accessories and shoes, offer suggestions for hair/makeup, music, models and even design some special runway pieces. Talk about pressure! But in the end it went so wonderfully, and I may be biased, but I think it was their best show ever! And I had an amazing time (and got to meet both Christian Lacroix and Iris Apfel!). Now that the new pieces will be hitting the stores soon I want to share with you all about what it took to put this runway show together.

Finale for Desigual 2016 Spring New York style by Misha Janette


balmung 2016 ss collection


わたしは “知っている。”   バルムングが日本のストリートファッションの「いま」を現在進行形でつくってることを。



Do you “know”?

I “know”.

I know that when it comes to Tokyo street style fashion, Balmung is an instigator and a catalyst to defining what it is today. …and what it is to become.

Although a snug fit, cute waist, and leggy looks are the uniform du jour for street style in the west, in Japan it’s almost always going to be baggy and “free size” (one size fits all, or unisex) and stick out in odd places.

I mean the last part literally. For example, in Balmung’s case, designer Hachi is all about creating a big upper body and the feet through exaggerated shapes. While these may seem cumbersome, it’s the western fashion that actually starts to look more of a pain to deal with than its worth, and this is just so easy to pull over. These silhouettes are pretty par for the course in many Tokyo street-born brands, but to thine western eyes they are still quite a sight to see.

balmung 2016 ss collection

tamaki fujie 2016 ss collection

Tamaki Fujie 2016 SS。





そう語ってくれたのは、Tamaki Fujieのデザイナー藤江さん。

Thanks to the fashion grind, it would be timely for Tamaki Fujie to hang up her towel and go full-forth in commercial ready-to-wear. Yes, it would be right about this point in her career when, just on the precipice of gaining a doting audience but in need of more retailers, she’d pull back on creativity and making her clothes more “relatable” and “easy to understand” and NOT “too designed” (that last one is a real reason actually said out loud by buyers to talented high-fashion designers in Japan).

Fujie is not a homie who plays that.

In fact, her mix of textures, tones, and colors with a rather toy-like charm are some of the freshest clothes I have seen ALL YEAR in Tokyo. The collection is, well, small so I shouldn’t say that she reminds me of a Simone Rocha or Christopher Kane…. except I totally will. Greatness should be noticed. So notice *this*, sempai.

tamakifujie 2016ss collection

Models at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo

先日、イギリス発業界サイト ビジネスオブファッション (Business of のランキングで世界二位の服飾学校となった文化服装学院。不動の1位は王者、セントマーチンだけど、パーソンズやFIT、を押さえてのランクインとはすばらしい。



Bunka Fashion College (called Bunka Fukuso Gakuin in Japanese), was recently named by Business of Fashion as the number two best fashion school in the world.

That’s…incredible. It even beat the likes of Parsons, FIT, and well, everyone but Central St Martins.

As a graduate, BoF reached out to me to find out what makes the school so different from the others, and an article was written all about it. There were a few points that I offered that didn’t make it to the final cut, and I’d like to add them here.