cleana 2016ss collection







The number of brands vying for our attention and dollars has frankly gotten out of hand. Some brands even resort to calling themselves “plain”, tryingt to grasp onto the safest middle-market possible while grabbing attention from the lowest denominator.


But for a fashion brand, having that one “centerpiece” is vital to surviving. It could be a concept, an avantgarde design ethos, or even a designer who himself can get the attention to his brand. No matter what it is, it BETTER be interesting.


So it doesn’t pain me at all to say, “Here’s another Japanese brand, take notice!”. Because it’s only care in the world is… skirts. Skirts, skirts, and more and more skirts.


Meet Cleana, and then meet it’s skirts.

cleana 2016ss collection


前半では、ミーシャがディレクター兼スタイリストを務めた東京ストリート系祭りのショーを振り返った。NHKワールド主宰のもと、”Tokyo Above-Underground”というタイトルを引っさげて、NYのブルックリンに東京のストリートファッションブランドを持っていきました。ショーはジャパニーズカルチャーフェスティバルのようなイベントの一貫だったので、観客は日本に興味のあるひとばかりだったはずだけど、辛口評価の人も感激させるような、リアルなストリートファッションを魅せられた気がしてる!ただ、このようなショーを開催するにあたって、様々なハードルをクリアしなくてはいけなかった。業界のハードル、ロジスティックスのハードル、文化のハードルなど。

そして、そのショーを開催した結果はなにかというと??あの「Sex and the city」や「プラダを着た悪魔」のスタイリスト、パトリシアフィールドも出席していただきました。すると、後日にいくつかのブランドがすごく気に入って くれたみたいで、ショーの中から沢山のブランドを彼女自身がプロデュースしているセレクトショップに入れてくれるかを検討中という連絡がはいった(!!実 は来年あたりからブランドとのコラボを実現させる企画がうごいているらしい。極秘!w)。また、服飾学校FITのミュージアムのチーフキュレーター Valerie Steeleも観に来ていた。日本のファッションが大好きな彼女の目利きは一流。東京のファッションは多種多様で、想像のはるか上を行くようなデザインを 生むデザイナーが原宿にはわんさかいる。というように、東京のストリート系ファッションに興味を持つ層が少しでも広がる気がする。

The last post I wrote about the “Tokyo Above-Underground” fashion show I directed/styled with NHK World in Brooklyn. Since it was a Japanese culture convention, most of the spectators probably already had an interest in Japanese fashion or culture, but I think even the most hardened critic came away with a newfound respect for pure this display of unadulterated street fashion. There were a number of hurdles to clear before being able to pull such a thing off, and it involved a lot more than just grabbing some clothes and putting them in suitcases. Cultural as well as industry-wide rules had to broken and explained, and a lot of professionals needed to lend their expertise.

As for the outcome of putting on such a show? Patricia Field (stylist for Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada) was there and expressed a deep interest in carrying many of the brands in her Bowery shop (In fact, I hear she’s working with 6%DokiDoki on something for next year as we speak *shhh*). There was also Valerie Steele, chief curator at the museum at FIT there who has a deep respect for Japanese fashion but also knows bad fashion when she sees it. The Tokyo fashion scene is very varied, and is made up of a number of designers and styles that go beyond what most may already know about.



わたしは東京ストリートファッションを誇らしく思っている。それは、この10年、自分のキャリアに欠かせないもので、沢山のことを教えてくれた。言わば、人生の一部。そして、ブルックリンの一角でひっそりと行われたショー。そこでは東京ストリートを引っ張る 10 のブランドが注目を浴びていた。わたしの前には素晴らしい光景が広がっていた。下に続くレポートで、東京ストリートカルチャーの多様性が少しでも伝わって欲しい!
Recently, a rather interesting milestone occurred. It may not be a game changer in the grand scheme of the fashion world, but it is something I am extremely proud of and it sure taught me more about my life’s work (which is Tokyo-based street-style) than anything in the past 10 years of my career. It was a teensy humble show in a corner of Brooklyn, which saw 10 totally different Tokyo underground street styles together on one runway. It was fantastic, and I hope you’ll go through it with me and see how varied the street culture of Tokyo really is.





…ロレックス?スポーツウォッチ? 今時はiWatch?ってとこかな。





She who has time, has infinite power.

Think quick; what are the first three things you think of with the words “wrist watch”?

Rolex. Sportswatch. iWatch.

One of those answers *should* be “women”. The wristwatch was actually first invented as a way for women to tell time when only men wore pocket watches. It was watch brand Omega that marketed the first wristwatch to women around 1899, back when it was seen as gauche for women to pay attention to such trivial things as “time”. Now, we have had hundreds and thousands of elegant designs that look beyond gender, but for all purposes concerned, this event was a celebration of women’s watches AND the myriad women who wear them.

Last week, I was in Milan to witness over a hundred years of women’s watch designs, and learned a little bit of this feminist piece of fashion history along the way. There were dazzling designs, a brilliant gala, and a riveting Q&A with Nicole Kidman.




オートク チュールとか、敷居の高いファッションはパリに任せっきりのニューヨーク。日々目まぐるしく変わる街はまるでハムスターのホイールのように忙しく、そこで 自分の居場所を探す私たち人間はハムスターみたいなものかもしれない。いろんな人がいるシティ、少しくらいハンデがあった方が燃えるよね。それでも、平等にアメリカ ンドリームの権利があるのが、そう、ニューヨーク。もちろん、常に”新しい”ものにウェルカムな街だが、パリなどと同じく、ヒストリーのあるものに誇り高き思う街でもある。

New Yorkers are not known for leading the scene of haute fashion, but their cool optimism in the face of constant, dizzying change in their city is something to give nod to. Yes, it may seem a bit like a farm of hamsters in wheels trying to keep their place, but damn if they aren’t some good-looking hamsters. There’s certainly a magnetism, and the city is something that anyone with some gall can take on and conquer. And while the “new, cool thing” is always welcomed, NYC still takes great pride in its constants.



shoshi in Neo street style fashion




“Neo”. It’s no longer just a sad Keanu Reeves, it’s a full-blown fashion phenomenon in Tokyo. Recently, we’ve seen the likes of post-modern gyaru Neo Gal style, the andogynous Neo Ikemen style, and a street-wise girly-girl in Neo Lolita (read about them here).  But what exactly is ”Neo Street Style”? To find out, I invited one of the most prominent young icons of this movement, Shoushi Ogawa, for coffee.

Neo Street Fashion is the newest sartorial game in Tokyo town. It’s absolutely wild and crazy, and only for the most daring to pull off. That’s why it’s going to be completely polarizing, since many will have heavy visceral reactions, while other will revel in its weirdness. And that’s absolutely why and it’s one of the most exciting Tokyo styles in recent memory.

Buccal-Cone- Neo street style fashion

Neo Street Style-favorite fashion brand Buccal Cone