Taiwan born, Belgian-trained and Tokyo-based fashion brand Jenny Fax is one of the most unique labels in a Tokyo bathtub already brimming with eclectic personalities. Recently, the designer (born Jen-Fang Shueh) had her first fashion show in her home country of Taiwan. Although she hired “normal” local girls for the show, and held it in a “normal” Taiwanese diner, Jenny Fax is anything but normal, and neither are the girls who wear her clothes going about their “normal” days.


airplane at the louis vuitton volez voguez voyagez tokyo




そのルイヴィトンが、ガリエラ宮パリ市立モード美術館 館長のオリヴィエ・サイヤールのキュレーションによって集めた膨大なコレクションの展示を行っている。「Volez, Voguez, Voyagez – Louis Vuitton(空へ、海へ、彼方へ──旅するルイ・ヴィトン)」展というタイトルのこのエキシビションは、一歩中へ足を踏み入れればたちまち、創業者一族のアーカイヴから現在までのルイ・ヴィトンのクリエーションの膨大な歴史をたどる旅がスタートする。

Japan is a nation that has a penchant for the good things in life, and that includes designer goods. And one of the most beloved in the whole nation is Louis Vuitton. And that’s not just among the rich or fashion bourgeois, but no doubt that the baker or butcher down the street knows the brand, or may even have his own LV wallet at home. And that’s because the relationship between Louis Vuitton and Japan goes back a very long way.

The “LV” monogram itself is inspired by Japanese “mon” or coat of arms, and no less than three Japanese artists have been tapped for major collaboration since the start of this century (Takashi Murakami, Comme des Garcons and Yayoi Kusama).

So now Louis Vuitton has chosen Tokyo to be the second city to get their large-scale exhibit, “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez- Louis Vuitton“. Stepping inside, you’ll find a myriad of rooms displaying the personal trunks of founder George Vuitton and his friends and family through the decades. It’s a literal “trip”, taking you through the desert, into the air, on trains, and more.


90年代ファンのみなさん、90年代のカートゥーンアニメキャラが好きなみなさん、ぜひLactose Intoler-artを紹介したい。デザインをするのは、東京をベースに活動するBrandon Reierson。彼のクリエーションに興奮する事間違いなし!イラストはアメリカのアニメの『ラグラッツ』+『アー!リアルモンスターズ』等+日本のストリートスタイルをミックスしたようなスタイル。復刻ブームする90年代のパワーは、彼のブランドだけでなく、原宿ファッションへも影響し、実にユニークな動きを見せている。

If you were a 90s kid, or just love American cartoons from that period, then you’ve got to take a look at Lactose Intolerart. Tokyo-based artist Brandon Reierson’s designs are what you’d get if Ahhh! Real Monsters got together with The Rugrats and went all went shopping together in Koenji. His brand has been steadily growing a fan-base both in Tokyo and abroad, thanks to the incredible power of the 90s nostalgia boom, tapping into both that and the Harajuku fashion niche for a truly unique take on fashion.



yami-kawaii fashion buttons


It was only a matter of time before a subculture came out of Harajuku that wasn’t just a happy pastel-painted fantasy. What happens when parts of real life seep into kawaii fashion?  When people want to project whether they are happy or sad…but in this case, *especially* when sad? That’s when you get a subculture of fashion and design called “Yami Kawaii”. On the surface it’s your average cute, girly style with some twisted humor. But deep down it’s a heavy beast. Dive into this episode of Sick, Sad World….

(above: characters read “sick” and “death”, respectively)

yami kawaii idol group zenbu kimi no sei da

Yami-kawaii idol group, “Zenbu kimi no sei da” (Everything is your fault)


model wears japanese fashion brand GNU hijab for muslim women

アバンギャルドなこと、カラフルなことを特徴に成長してきた日本のファッション。では、ムスリムの女性達に向けたデザインを提案する日本のブランドがあると、聞いた事があるだろうか? 実は、リエカイノウエさんがデザイナーを務める”GNU”というブランドがムスリム地域をマーケットに見据えたブランド展開をしている。さて、これからどれくらい伸びるのか、楽しみだ。ところで、日本のブランドがそのマーケットで勝負するという事は、どういう事だろう?具体的に考えてみましょう。

Japanese fashion is known for being avantgarde, or of course for being wild and colorful. But have you ever heard of a Japanese brand designing for Muslim women? Rieka Inoue of the brand “GNU” is betting that it’s a market that will appreciate her designs, and see her brand grow. But what will it take for a Japanese brand to take that market on?

King customized sneakers in Tokyo


King is the name of a Tokyo-based “sneaker customize artist”, a title that doesn’t make a lot of sense until we break it down a little more: King takes new or vintage sneakers and customizes them into very unique one-of-a-kind pieces through paint, hardware, and other decorations. She’s been crafting her spacey, gold-gilded Air-force 1s before Nike’s own customizable iD lab was a glint in any of our eyes. I recently got to check in with King to see what kind of sneakers she’s whipping up lately, and how big her brand has gotten.

King customized sneakers in Tokyo

LVMH Prize nominee, Facetasm past collections/ファセッタズムの過去コレクション達


東京のブランド、ファセッタズムが、今快挙を繰り広げている。世界最強ファッション会社LVMHが開催するLVMH Prize 2016でファイナリスト8に残っているのだ。最終結果は6月14日に発表されるが、優勝することでファセッタズムが得るものとは?まず、分かりやすいものから言うと賞金30万ユーロ。(4000万円弱くらい) それに加え、世界のトップレベルブランドが名を連ねる巨大グループ、LVMH支援下でのメンタリング。(知的財産やグローバルなブランドイメージのコンサルティングも含めて) このアワードに勝つということは、将来の成功を手中に収めることと言える。実は日本人がここまで躍進したのは初めてのこと。では、歴代勝者と今年のファイナリストのデーターを見ながら、優勝の確率を当ててみましょう!

Japanese brand Facetasm was nominated for the LVMH Prize 2016, and has survived the vetting process to be one of 8 finalists. The final announcement will be made on June 14th. What chance does Facetasm have to win the LVMH Prize 2016? Winning it means a 300,000 euro grant and hands-on mentoring (including figuring out their intellectual property rights and global brand image consulting) by the world’s biggest and most successful fashion group, Louis Vuitton Morris-Hennessy. Winning it is basically a mainline to future success. This is the first time a Japanese designer has made it so far, so let’s look at the past winners and current finalists to see Facetasm’s chances.

Screenshot 2016-04-05 21.56.52

model wears tomoumi ono spring summer 2016


小野智海さんがデザイナーを務めるTomoumi Onoが4月6日から19日に東京ミッドタウンの伊勢丹サローネでポップアップを行う。メゾンマルタンマルジェラで腕を磨いた小野氏。細部まで計算された芸術的なカッティングに、まさにMMMのそれを実感する。


Tomoumi Ono is popping up at Isetan Salone, the Roppongi Midtown Tokyo branch of the department store next week April 6-19th. The Maison Martin Margiela-trained designer is known for his philosophical approach to designing, with just enough sprinkling of surreal cuts and details that warrant him a true student of the MMM institution.

Although established in 2009, the brand Tomoumi Ono may not ring any bells for familiarity. That’s because Ono refused to give his brand a name, or perhaps he just felt it was an unnecessary label. It was literally written as a big block of blackness:


model wears tomoumi ono spring summer 2016