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“Neo”. It’s no longer just a sad Keanu Reeves, it’s a full-blown fashion phenomenon in Tokyo. Recently, we’ve seen the likes of post-modern gyaru Neo Gal style, the andogynous Neo Ikemen style, and a street-wise girly-girl in Neo Lolita (read about them here).  But what exactly is ”Neo Street Style”? To find out, I invited one of the most prominent young icons of this movement, Shoushi Ogawa, for coffee.

Neo Street Fashion is the newest sartorial game in Tokyo town. It’s absolutely wild and crazy, and only for the most daring to pull off. That’s why it’s going to be completely polarizing, since many will have heavy visceral reactions, while other will revel in its weirdness. And that’s absolutely why and it’s one of the most exciting Tokyo styles in recent memory.

Buccal-Cone- Neo street style fashion

Neo Street Style-favorite fashion brand Buccal Cone

その日は死ぬ程暑かった。”今日の服、ドレスアップしきれてなくてごめんなさい”なんて彼は謝ったけど、マルチカラーのシースルーロングドレス、レオパード柄 のパンツ、パステルカラーのデジタルプリントシャツに三つ編みヘアとピカチュウのハット、という出で立ちは完璧だった。彼のメイクは誇張された目と顔にのせたラインストーンがシンボルだけど、日本のむしむし、じめじめした気候でどんどん崩れちゃうのが大変だよね。結局最後は額につけたビンディ以外落ちちゃった。

“大丈夫、うちにいっぱいあるから” なんて言って笑ってた。

ところで、このスタイルはいったいなんなのか?そんな質問から始めたのは、まだこのファッションジャンルに名前がないから。Shoushi  (ニックネーム:Shoshipoyo)自身は自分のインスタでネオボーイ(#NeoBoy) とタグ付けしてる。そして、会話の中で彼は自然と”ネオストリートスタイル”というキーワードにたどり着いた。これの方が、性別関係なく使えるし、いい感じ!ということで、当分このスタイルを通称ネオストリート系、略して”ネオスト”と呼ぼう、と。

It was sweltering hot, and Shoshi apologized ahead of time for not really being “dressed up right” for the meeting. “I`m kinda dressed down today,” he said, in a long multi-colored see-through dress, leopard pants, pastel digital-print shirt, and a head of braids topped with a Pikachu hat. It was perfect. But not without some caveats. His look that day came replete with exaggerated makeup and rhinestones stuck to his face that the humidity kept making fall off, and by the end he was left with just a few bindis.

“No worries, I have tons more at home,” he smiled.

So what is this paticular Neo-look all about? I should start off by saying that this style doesn’t quite have a name yet per se, although Shoushi tags himself as #NeoBoy in his Instagrams. Throughout our conversation he alluded to it as “Neo Street Style”. I find that more inclusive for girls and the gender-fluid aesthetic it so nonchalantly adopts so I stuck that moniker for the interview and this article. In Japanese, it’s shortened to “Neo-sto-kei”.



Misha: 悪い意味じゃないんだけど、ショウシのメイクはやまんばっぽかったりするのは気のせい?

Shoushi: あ、お母さんにも言われた!笑

Misha: なんていうんだろ…ネオマンバ?

Shoushi: たしかに。そうかもしれないー!



I suppose the look could be described as an amalgam of cyber, manga, hip-hop, rave, club, futurism, vintage, and even gyaru.

Me: “I hope you don’t consider this rude, but….your makeup is kind of Yamamba-ish isn’t it?”

Him: “Hah! My mom tells me that!” he laughed.

Me: “You’re like…. a Neo-Mamba””

Him: “You might be right” (laugh)

shoshipoyo Neo street style fashion

Shoshipoyo Neo street style fashion makeup Neo street style fashion by shoshipoyo

Neo street style fashion makeup

ネオメイクの一例。Some examples of “Neo” makeup Source: Shoushi Instagram



“なんとなくネクストレベルのファッションだったらなんだってネオストになると思うんだ”とショウシが説明する。たぶん、好きなものをぜんぶ混ぜた彼のスタイルだけど、バランスを考えながら 盛り盛りにするのがポイント。”ネオボーイってタグ付けしてる人いるけど、本当にレベル高くして着こなせている人って少なくて、ネオボーイ級でもないのにNeoBoyとタグ付ける人もいる”と話す。

確かに、まだショウシのような存在は少ない、とミーシャも思う。だけど、そこで注目したいのがショウシの友達。彼の三つ編みをヘアを作ってるヘアアーティストや、仲良しのジュリア。彼女は同じく毛糸を編み込んだヘアスタイルをする。でもショウシ曰く、ジュリアのスタイルはネオストよりも、”高円寺系” らしい。…正直 ミーシャには違いがあまり分からないけど、まだメジャーになってないこのジャンルには、新メンバーの席が空いてます。どんどん盛り上がるとおもしろいな!

Anyone Can be Neo-Sto, but Not Everyone Is

“To me, anything that’s ‘next-level’ is Neo-sto,” says Shoshi. He refers to it being a mix of all of one’s favorite things, but balanced in its over-exaggerations. “Some people just don’t do it right, and they tag themselves as neoboy on instagram but I don’t think they’ve gone far enough to actually be one.”

To be fair, there really isn’t anyone quite like Shoshi (yet). But he does have some friends, like his hair guru, designer friends, and gal pal Juria who also sports the yarn locks. “I think she’s more Koenji-style than Neo-Sto, though,” Shoshi shrugs. Personally, I couldn’t tell you the difference, and there isn’t a measurement in place yet and the style still has plenty of room for new members.


Neo street style fashion by shoshi

Neo street style fashion by shoshi ogawa

wild Neo street style fashion

Photos via ,where he’s a favorite






“ブルックキャンディやリアーナ”と、ショウシ。うん、GrimesのPVでブレークしたブルックはネオストのイメージ、そのもの。もっというと、Die AntwoordやFKA Twigsもそのインスピレーションのもとかもしれない。

「リアーナが大好き。ほら、彼女の好きなティンバーランドも履いてるよ」と指を指した。確かに。ただし、ネオストといえば、嘘でしょと目を疑うような高層プラットフォーム版だった。だから Buffalo、YRU、Jeffrey Campbellとか、ネオストには欠かせないアイテム。



For a possibility of this style’s roots, you must look no further than Hirari Ikeda, a “graduate” of Harajuku, and the ultimate “accidental” Neo-Sto icon (and one of the most interesting people ever).

When I asked Shoshi about Hirari, he said he wasn’t following in her footsteps, but his own. True, Hirari would loathe to be put into a group, and her disdain for Harajuku these days is palpable. But girlfriend made braid extensions cool again back in the day, and when it comes to trippy styling and a “no-fucks-given” attitude toward fashion rules, she’s queen.

So then who inspires the inspired?

“Musicians like Brooke Candy, Rihanna…people like that,” says Shoshi. Die Antwoord and FKA Twigs fall into his favorite musical acts as well.

He points to his Timbalands. “I love Rihanna, she’s my favorite. I`m wearing these Timabalands because of her.” Of course, Shoshi’s came with a vertiginous platform, basically the only “must” of this style. Vintage Buffalo shoes, YRU, and Jeffrey Campbell and also signature items to easily get the Neo-Sto look.

I was personally very pleased to hear that he was getting inspired from an international perspective, rather than being in an incestuous self-perpetuating Harajuku bubble. It also goes to show just how interesting Japanese street style can be, when left on its own to run amok with global trends.

brooke candy in Neo street style fashion tokyo

grimes in Neo street style fashion

Above, Brooke Candy and Grimes. See the Genesis video here.



こ ういう奇抜なトレンドって、海外ではクラブキッズから発信されたんだけど、日本の場合は違うよね。親や社会に反抗して自由を求めてクラブへ行き、そこで ファッションスタイルを確率していく若者の話が海外ではあったけど、ショウシもクラブにドレスアップしていったりするの?答えはやっぱり ”ノー”だった。ショウシは友達の家に遊びに行く事が多いみたい。「安いしね。」って。

日 本のクラブシーンはどんどん活気がなくなってる。ということは、ネオストみたいなインパクト強のスタイルも昼間の街でも受け入れられている。そういう面で 東京のストリート系ファッションは本当に素晴らしいと思う。隠れることなく、どうどうと自分の好きなファッションを身にまとい、街を歩けるのは日本独特 (ネオストにかぎらず、他の強烈な東京トレンドでも言える事)。

だ から、サポートしてくれるコミュニティが大切。その点、しショウシはインスタで自分のフィールドを固めつつある。全て英 語で投稿している彼のインスタへは世界からファンがんぞきにくる。お店でいうと、ピンナップ、DOG原宿、はやとちりなどでネオスト系の服が並ぶ。国内ブ ランドでいうと、Buccal Cone (DOG) やMYOB (Laforet)が代表。


Misha: ご両親はなんて言ってる?

Shoshi: 今はもうやりたいようにやらせてくれてる。お母さんは、タイツとかつけまとか見つけると送ってくれるし 笑

Trends like this in the west started with the Club Kids scene, where the club was the only refuge where girls and boys could escape family or society’s rules and wear their aggression or longing for freedom on their bodies. Was it the same in Tokyo? I actually already knew the answer, but I still asked, “Do you dress up for the club?”

“No, it has nothing to do with the club. I would rather just hang out at a friend’s house. It’s cheaper anyway.”

Clubbing is on a suicide-level decline among youth in Japan, due to its cost and ho-hum lineups. And so, trends like Neo-Sto are able to thrive and be accepted even in broad daylight, which is incredible in the world view of things (and it is the same for all of the other incredibly unique Tokyo trends spawned over the decades which almost never have any ties to the night scene).

Acceptance is much more of an important subject in Japanese fashion, since it is less of a political or lifestyle statement, as it’s more of an anti-boredom drug. Therefore, having a scene or community to support a style here is important. It seems that Shoshi has already started to blow up on Insta, where he only posts in English. There are stores like PINNAP and the mecca of mayhem, DOG in Harajuku, which churns out clothes for a Neo-Sto fan’s dream.

But outside of that community, what do people think of his style?

Me: “What do your parents think?”

Shoshi: “They’re OK with it now, they just let me be. My mom sends me tights and fake eyelashes that she finds” (laugh)






原宿のブランドのみならず、海外のブランドからもネオスト系が並ぶ。今一番あついのは、WIA(バルセロアン)やDi$count (オーストラリア)など。





#NeoBoy の基準てなに? 常識に囚われない考え方とかファッションとか言いきれないけど 全てに於いてネクストレベルじゃなきゃって 沸々と思う。一番でいたい。-Shoushi

Neo-Street Style’s next level

Meanwhile, Neo-Sto is not confined to just Harajuku and its brands. In fact, it’s got ties to all corner of the globe. Some brands that are often name-checked are WIA (Barcelona), Damage (Taiwan), Tata Christiane (NYC),  and Discount (Australia).

Recently, Bunka Fashion College held a fashion show for potential undergrads, where Shoshi is a student. I was there on as a judge, and I was blown away by how colorful and imaginative some of the scenes were. One of them was definitely inspired by a version of Neo-Sto. And in the audience I spotted some other kids dressed up like Shoshi.

“No way! I haven’t seen anyone like me… do you think it was a highschooler?!” he seemed riled up, ready to defend his position at the school.

So keep your eye out for Neo-Sto— and remember the only rule is you gotta go overboard….Titanic-level.

“What does it mean to be a neo-boy? It means not following common sense, in the way you think or your fashion. I can’t say it exactly, but it means being next-level in everything. And I want to be #1. -Shoushi


Di$count Universe (Australia) ディスカウント(オーストラリア)


DVMVGE(Damage), Taiwan ダメージ、台湾



Tata Christiane, New York. タタクリスティアン、ニューヨーク


W.I.A., Barcelona. WIA,バルセロナneo-street-style-tokyo-damage2

DVMVGE(Damage), Taiwan ダメージ、台湾

都内の代表お店 Stores in Harajuku to check out:

DOG Harajuku
Wut Berlin

Street snaps from

Words: Misha Janette
Edit asst: Natsumi Yasuoka